Atheist Republic Unpublishes Michael Sherlock’s Books Over Harassment

Atheist Republic Unpublishes Michael Sherlock’s Books Over Harassment July 20, 2021

Atheist Republic announced this week that it has unpublished books by Michael Sherlock, a self-described “anti-woke” writer, for harassing me. Atheist Republic, a non-profit, publishes a number of my books, including The Belief BookThe Book of GodsThe Book of Religions, and Atheist AnswersThe announcement was made on Twitter and Facebook.

Some background: Sherlock has been tagging me for weeks in confrontational posts about trans, race, and gender issues, including those that attribute false quotes to me, and trying to use my name to gain attention. He has made me and other progressive atheists his target as he shifts his posts from secularism to fighting “wokeness,” whatever that means. He’s been doing this despite the fact that I helped him get published early on, and even wrote the foreword for one of his books.

Atheist Republic apparently decided it didn’t want one of its authors continually lying about another of its authors, and cut its ties with Sherlock. While I’m not aware of the internal processes that went into the decision, I fully support AR’s right to choose who to work with and to enforce its anti-harassment policies.

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