My Interview with Matthew Bates on OnScript

My Interview with Matthew Bates on OnScript August 13, 2020

I had the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Bates on the OnScript Podcast. And now, the episode is live and ready for download! We spend about an hour chatting about Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes and related topics.

OnScript introduces the episode in this way:

How does Jesus’s death rescue not only humanity from its shame, but save God’s face? The honor-shame framework changes how we think about the gospel, faith, sin, and glory. It challenges our individualistic readings and theologies. Biblical scholar and missiologist Jackson W. draws upon his years spent as a missionary in China in his award-winning book, Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes.

Bates is an excellent scholar and a thoughtful question asker. His recent work Gospel Allegiance: What Faith in Jesus Misses For Salvation is a great read. He represents OnScript is giving the following review of the book:

Jesus’s death saves not only humanity from shame, but also God. Jackson W. provides a fresh framework for reading Romans. His detailed interpretative work reinvigorates our understanding of sin, faith, righteousness, glory, and much more. The result is theologically rich. Highly recommended.

If you are not familiar with the OnScript podcast, I’d recommend you checking it out and subscribing. The conversations are diverse, informative, and always engaging. We can’t read all the scholarship that is out there. So, OnScript provides a fantastic introduction to the work of thinkers across various subjects.

By the way, the episode was recorded in February 2020, before COVID quarantine. Due to some logistics, its release has been delayed until now. So, at the end of the interview, I mention the Honor-Shame Conference at Wheaton College originally scheduled for June 2020. Obviously, that was canceled. I wanted to mention that simply to make sure there’s no confusion.

Let me know what you think? Anything else you wish we had talked about?


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