Podcast Season 2 is ready to go!

Podcast Season 2 is ready to go! April 11, 2022

Last year, we launched a new podcast Doing Theology. Thinking Mission. And it was super well received! We are grateful for all the kind feedback.

Guess what–– we now have another season recorded and ready to go! This past week, we dropped the first episode, an interview with renowned New Testament scholar Lynn Cohick. We chatted with her concerning honor, shame, and women in the Bible.

One listener told me yesterday, “I have way more questions now than I had before the podcast.” Well, mission accomplished!

Sure, we hope to offer answers and suggest proposals to critical concerns, but we also have other reasons for making the podcast. Countless issues are far more complex than we might assume, so Doing Theology. Thinking Mission. seeks to stimulate conversations about significant topics at the intersection of theology and mission.

A few season 2 podcast guests

So, what do we have in store for season 2 of the podcast? For season two of the podcast, we have an incredible slate of guests. Here are just a few of the people and topics we’ll be engaging with.

And, yes, there are others, but I won’t spoil all the surprises. :)

What will we talk about?

What are some of the things we’ll discuss this second season of the podcast?

  • What is “White Theology”?
  • What is Chinese House Church Theology?
  • An Overlooked Motive for Doing Missions
  • Travel in the New Testament World

… among other topics.

If make sure you get notified of new episodes, subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Here are a few direct links:

If you have already enjoyed the podcast, please for to your podcast provider, give us five stars, and leave a review! Thanks!!

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