I’m launching 3 online courses!

I’m launching 3 online courses! January 17, 2023

Online classes

I’m excited to announce the creation and launch of three different online courses!

Books can help a lot, but there’s something to be said about hearing directly from a teacher. In these classes, I develop many of the ideas I’ve presented in various articles, books, and talks. In this format, you can go at your own pace while also engaging in exercises that reinforce the content of the online course.

While I hope to release more in the future, here are the classes you can enroll in today. Which one most appeals to you?

Contextualizing the Gospel

This course explores the major dynamics related to contextualization, with a special emphasis on contextualizing the biblical message itself. It highlights a practical approach that is both biblically faithful and culturally meaningful.

Contextualizing the Gospel includes 16.5 hours of video content besides supplementary exercises.

Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes

How do we “read Romans with Eastern eyes”? What might we learn? In this online class, you’ll explore how honor and shame shape Paul’s message and mission to the church in Rome.

This course includes 12 hours of video content, not including various engagements to help you interact with the material.

Honor, Shame, and Ministry among Refugees (Part 1)

This course looks at several ways honor and shame affect the lives of refugees. Their assumptions, biases, and worldviews will look different than those of a Westerner. We need to better understand their perspective to love them well.

These 24 lessons are a perfect introduction for people who work with internationals yet have not explored the ways that honor and shame might influence their ministry. The class was tested and adapted from multiple lived sessions conducted in partnership with Phoenix Refugee Connections.


These courses can be used for individuals or for teams. Nothing is more helpful than learning in a community. Together, you can discuss what Scripture has to say for you and those you serve!


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