So here’s a big life update

So here’s a big life update December 27, 2022

Want some fun news and a big life update?

I’ve accepted an offer from Frontier Ventures (formerly US Center for World Missions) to serve as their Marketing Manager, where I’ll oversee marketing for William Carey Publishing (WCP), Joshua Project, and Mission Frontiers!

I will start this role on January 1st! This is a paid position and I get to work remotely. Wahoo!

How? What? Huh?

While this might seem to depart from what I’ve done, it’s not entirely so. I’ll still have some freedom to speak and develop resources.

This opportunity came about unexpectedly while chatting with the WCP people at the annual conference for the Evangelical Theological Society. The director asked, “Have you thought about marketing?” That spurred several hours of discussion over the coming days.

I initially wasn’t sure what to think about it. However, extensive conversations have shown me how well this opportunity very much fits my skill sets, background, and ambitions to contribute to the missiological task.

This has been a long past 7 months. Thank you for your encouragement along the way!!

What does this mean for you?

Some of you are asking, “What does mean for support raising?”

Our answer is “It depends.” We know that people give for different reasons. Our response to that question depends on why you’ve partnered with us.

  1. Some people have simply wanted to help us personally through a tough time.

If this is you, we will no longer need to raise financial support since I’ll earn a salary starting in January. If this has been your reason for partnering with us, thank you for loving us in such a practical way. We simply can’t express our gratitude sufficiently.

  1. Others primarily want to contribute to the development of resources and training for the global church.

If this is you, we’re still receiving support for that purpose. Because GTN is a hybrid ministry, I can remain a part of their training staff, even if not in a full-time capacity.

Naturally, I’ll do less of this work in the coming period as I adjust to my new role. However, I do plan to use these funds for different ministry purposes that do not fall under the purview of Frontier Ventures. Such tasks include training global pastors and missionaries as well as creating resources that assist in spreading the gospel and building up Christ’s church.

Thank you so much for making this ministry possible!!

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