Vacation Bible School Time!

Vacation Bible School Time! June 28, 2017

Vacation Bible School Time!

Vacation Bible School Time!

Vacation Bible School Time! It’s that time again. As a pastor, I have seen Vacation Bible School (VBS) used effectively. VBS primarily attracts children. As a result, very few adults are reached through this evangelistic outreach. Yet, I still think VBS is useful and can be helpful to reach families. I wanted to share links from other Patheos writers about Vacation Bible School.

Josh Daffern at New Wineskins has a different take on Vacation Bible School. He suggests “5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Kill VBS in Your Church.” However, Amy Butler at Talk With the Preacher says “Thank God for VBS!

Chris Gehrz at Anxious Bench shares a brief history of Vacation Bible School. Monique Ocampo shares “Things Adults Can Learn From Vacation Bible School.” Gene Veith shares the challenges of having Vacation Bible School in the church by asking “What Happened to Vacation Bible Schools?”

Mark Roberts reflects on the fun he had at Vacation Bible School as a pastor. Catholic News shares how Vacation Bible School is being used to reach out to Syrian children.

Finally, I provide a couple of sermons which I preached during the times we had Vacation Bible School. They include:

“Hebrews 13:8 Following Jesus Is the Ultimate Life” and “Joshua 24:15 The Ride of Your Life”

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