Thoughts on Patriotism and the American Church

Thoughts on Patriotism and the American Church July 3, 2017


Thoughts on Patriotism and the American Church

We approach another Fourth of July here in America. I have thought about the connection as well as the conflict between patriotism and the American church. There have been many great thoughts on this idea. So I wanted to share with you some of these for your consideration.

First, check out my thoughts on “7 Reasons a Nation Should Trust God.” No matter what nation one lives in, we need to remember that we still should trust God. I have also written on how righteousness exalts a nation as well. You can see how liberty helps us overcome tyranny, and how as Christians, we should proclaim freedom.

There are some other things to consider this Fourth of July, and so I offer you the following links to these opinions and thoughts about patriotism and the American church.

Patriotism and Christianity

Christian Crier asks: “Is Being Patriotic Biblical?”  and and shares “What the Bible Has to Say About Patriotism.” Benjamin Corey wonders whether a failure to be a patriotic American is a sin. Brad Williams considers “The Separation of Church and Patriotism.” Conner Woods considers whether we should be patriotic in the 21st. century. David Henson wonders if patriotism is even a Christian value.

Roger Olsen has some Independence Day thoughts on patriotism and nationalism. Olsen also shares the differences between the two, as does Gene Veith.

The Christian Podcast Central has an “Ask John Piper” podcast about patriotism and its place in the church.Linda LaScola warns at Rational Doubt about “The Patriotic Blind Eye.

American Patriotic Worship

Kathy Schiffer asks if you will be singing patriotic hymns at your next Fourth of July worship service. Chris Gehrz at Anxious Bench shares a brief history of patriotic hymns.

Jonathan Aigner shares his disgust the mingling of patriotism and worship on “Freedom Sunday” at First Baptist Church Dallas. He has the inside scoop on “Make America Great Again” as the newest worship song. He also provides a viewpoint of American patriotic worship from non-Americans.

Miles Mullin III wrote a guest piece at Anxious Bench criticizing David Barton, Civil Religion, and Patriotic Idolatry. Timothy Willard at The Toolshed reflects on C. S. Lewis’s thoughts about patriotism.

Rachel Marie Stone shares an alternative Christian patriotic song of peace. Keith Michael Estrada has a link to a patriotic rosary for sale.

Finally, check out this video showing a chicken that can play “America The Beautiful” on the piano.

Have a Happy Independence Day!

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

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