Conservative and Liberal Christians: Winning! Losing!

Conservative and Liberal Christians: Winning! Losing! January 26, 2010

I’d say the Christians I know are pretty evenly split between conservative and liberal.

One of the things I like about the conservative Christians I know is how clear they are about what they believe and think. They know what the Bible says; they know who they are; they know what they’re doing in life. They’re solid. The whole “backbone of America” thing is no joke; the strongest trees, after all, have the deepest roots. Not a lot of wafflers in the conservative camp.

Plus, they’re super dedicated. Conservative Christians don’t wonder if they’re in the mood for it; they just go to church. They go to Bible study. They show up for the functions at their church. They actually do stuff.

Conservative Christians also tend to be, in practice, extremely loving. Liberal Christians think that conservative Christians are harshly judgmental, and sort of fundamentally (ha, ha) hard-hearted. They think that if, in the middle of the night, a clearly gay guy showed up at the home of a Christian conservative in need of help, he’d summarily get a door slammed in his face.

But he wouldn’t! All the conservative Christians I’ve ever known are serious about putting God’s love into practice. The fact that they’re so sure of what they believe makes them open to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences. If you’re very sure of who you are, you’re a lot more open to discovering who others might be.

On the other hand, conservative Christians can be too sure they’re right about everything. It’s too easy, when you’re a conservative, to boil down what you believe into a really simple set of assertions, and to then never again question or allow those assertions to (so to speak) evolve. Then it just becomes about rules; then it’s too easy to make everything about who is and isn’t on the right side of right. When it comes to something as complex as God and history, it’s too easy for “keeping it simple” to become “keeping it stupid”—which too easily becomes “keeping it mean-spirited.” Conservatives have a troubling propensity for closing their minds.

One of the things I like best about liberal Christians is they’re so generous with their love and respect. They’re very seriously focused on God’s love, and they’re not afraid to insist that anything that hinders that love must be suspect. They love Jesus; Jesus preached love; they’re all about loving as Jesus did, period. Also, I like the way liberal Christians are so thoughtful. They listen. They reflect. They refine. They search. They question. They study. They understand that part of their job as Christians is to actively try to access the mind and heart of God, and they’re disinclined to let anything interfere with that goal. They’re not afraid to get inspired. They live with the confidence that God will never fault them for loving too much.

On the other hand, liberal Christians can waffle like Belgians at an IHOP. They too often fall prey to thinking that the emotions of their loving feelings is really all they need to guide them, with the result that they never feel a need to be clear on what they actually believe at all. Maybe Jesus was mainly a social activist. Maybe the cross is a metaphor. Maybe Jesus walking on water was an optical illusion. And so on and so on, until finally they may as well be crystal-gazing astrologers. And yet, for all their comfortable ambiguity, liberal Christians can also be altogether too smug, too sure, too condescending toward those who take the Gospel as gospel. Liberal Christians (like just about everybody else) tend to think they’re smarter than they actually are.

In the main, my problem with liberal Christians is that they can stay so busy remaining lofty and above it all that their rubber never hits the road. I’ve found many of them to be better with compassion as a theory than they are with it as a practice.

In the end, who cares? Everything’s got its positive and negative aspects. All that matters, spiritually, is that each of us finds the place on the liberal-conservative spectrum where we’re most comfortable. Each of us has to carve for ourselves our own niche, the one that’s perfectly suited to us.

And from there all we have to do is live, love, pay attention, listen to God, and let him pull us ever closer to his divine and glorious reality.

Here’s to the idea that we’ll all eventually end up in exactly the same place.

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  • On the one hand, I'm pretty conservative theologically. On the other hand, I just shouted at an article (rather uselessly, I'm afraid) about Focus on the Family denouncing "No Name-Calling Week" as pro-gay indoctrination.

    In truth, I think that as long as we recognize that we're all brothers and sisters, liberalism and conservatism shouldn't matter. Those traits are relatively-minor details that flavor the greater Truth. The key thing is, we're all Christians. Like the hippie and the vet who still come home for Christmas because they're family, that's the way we ought to be.

  • Kory Cochran

    "Liberal Christians"? LOL!!!! I love the use of the oxymoron there. : ) Just a little jokey-joke, well sort of.

    You know, I find it amusing that some would argue that Jesus was a liberal and I guess I would have to agree with them. Well, I mean when you compare most anyone to a Pharisee they would seem liberal, right? Or should I say,"left".

    To me conservative ideals are never just black and white laws that are going to be absolutely right in every situation. To me conservative principles just make sense. You see, I know Jesus was actually a conservative! How do I know, you may ask?

    Jesus used the parables of the ten talents to show that taking what you've been given and being profitable with it is the right thing. Liberals think, or it would seem to me that they think, profits are "evil" and we must by necessity to call ourselves human, "spread the wealth around" from the have's to the have not's. Notice that in the parable of the talents, the "wicked servant" he took from him and gave the talents to the one who had the most and even stated that "to he who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance." "For them that have not, even what they have will be taken from them". So we see here the principle to reward productivity and never reward people to be unproductive.

    Another reason I believe Jesus was conservative was because the Bible says that those that do not work should not eat. Modern-day liberals would call you a psychopathic Nazi if you were to say that now. In addition, another conservative principle was that Jesus taught that we should give, and we will be given to; however He taught that we as individuals should give of our own fruition. Liberals believe that the government should be the benefactor of all mankind. Need I go on? Yes you say? Ok I will!

    Liberals have everyone afraid to spank their kids by the (I know not all liberals agree here), demonizing of parents that actually, parent! The Liberals say to not spank a child as that is abuse but the same people say abortion is a mother's right. Liberals cringe when they see amoebas accidentally displaced or whales killed but dance when they hear of new Planned Parenthood clinics being built.

    Last but not least, the Bible is incredibly clear regarding homosexuality but guess what? The Bible is also very clear about judging, condemnation, fornication, lust and a ton of other sins which are just another way of saying we all fall short of the Glory of God and I am a chief sinner and no doubt, there are homosexuals that probably in comparison to me, are absolute saints! Truly, some of the nicest most caring people I've ever had the opportunity to meet were gay. Of course, I've known some pretty decent people that were guilty of all kinds of sin, which brings me to my final point.

    Liberals act like having access to quality, affordable healthcare and all these social programs being forced upon us in the U.S.A., should be a human right. Jesus knew, even told us from the beginning of creation that the day we sinned we would be condemned to death. The only right we have as humans is the right to die! That my liberal and conservative friends is why Jesus willingly laid down his life was to take our place on that cross.

    I think we should just do away with labels like "conservative" and "liberal". Let us just look at cause and effect and we can see that socialism is a horrific failure and liberal ideas are marching us ever onward toward total insolvency as a nation along with other socialist countries. Capitalism was among the major practices that made the United States the greatest economic powerhouse in world history. I know many will say that my idea sounds cruel but capitalism governed by Biblical principals is always full of mercy. I can not however, say that liberalism governed by Biblical principles is anything, because Biblical principles would refute liberalism. So for that reason, lets just not have the labels at all lets just call it what works, and what does not. That should be easy enough to figure out, don't you think?


    *** The expressed opinions are not necessarily those of John Shore or those of or necessarily representative of anyone John Shore knows. (LOL)

  • I find myself more or less in the same place as wken. However, the more theologically conservative (or orthodox) my faith becomes, the more uncomfortable I am with attempts to implement the Bible as public policy, primarily because the Bible is not a public policy manual. Kory's proof-texting rampage notwithstanding, Jesus never endorsed an economic system nor did his earliest followers ever lobby Rome.

  • Here, here, John! And, here's to the beauty of the truth that Christ is in no way bound or defined by the lines we draw at any point along the spectrum.

  • Dang! I missed the opportunity for a "Yeah, John" following Kory's rant.

    Very well stated, John.

    I guess now you have to explain the distinction between Christian theology and American politics. I can't wait.

  • Ric: That would have been funny!

  • "…the more theologically conservative (or orthodox) my faith becomes, the more uncomfortable I am with attempts to implement the Bible as public policy, primarily because the Bible is not a public policy manual. Kory’s proof-texting rampage notwithstanding, Jesus never endorsed an economic system nor did his earliest followers ever lobby Rome."

    I heartily agree with this.

    Most fundamentalists think that I'm very liberal, while most liberals think I'm incredibly conservative. I tend to simply sit back and laugh at the lot of them.

  • Using the bible to justify a political position is like using a telescope to treat dandruff!

    I'm liberatively conservable.

  • Dani, are you really me? Because that's exactly how I feel:

    "Most fundamentalists think that I’m very liberal, while most liberals think I’m incredibly conservative. I tend to simply sit back and laugh at the lot of them."

  • Christine

    I think I must be a libservative………and I think Kary's little rant just proved the need for your post John. I don't agree with a lot of Liberal theology but I also don't agree with a lot of conservative stances on things. Guess I should just start my own church (oh wait……that means I would be liberal hahahahaha)

  • RogerC

    As a conservative, I believe your article described me quite accurately (I hope!). I agree with your ending thoughts whole heartedly.

  • I don't know, wken – it kinda sounds like it. (I shout at Focus on the Family a lot, too – that's part of why some people think I'm liberal 🙂

  • onemansbeliefs

    I'm not sure I see a difference in the conservative & liberal Christians which you like… I see these as Christians that have placed themselves under the Lordship of Jesus, disciples, if you will…

    It's the "on the other hand" Christians, which I believe, fall into the catagories of conservative and liberal and fall outside the guidelines provided to us by the Holy Scripture…

    "Here’s to the idea that we’ll all eventually end up in exactly the same place."

    Sounds a lot like what Paul writes in Ephesians 4:13, "Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ"

    Just so you know, I'm one of the ones you like 🙂

  • texastee

    Really awesome blog post.

  • Kory Cochran

    Everybody I guess I just don't get it then. My whole point by my "rant" was to say that I don't endorse labels at all. I just endorse what principles that I see that work. Biblical principles are conservative principles no matter how you slice it. Just so you know their are many of the "right wing" that would think I had some pretty liberal ideas. I just think if the Bible is the Owner's manual for how to have a successful everlasting life, then we should make it public and private policy. Our very own system of laws had some of their basis on the Ten Commandments. In many cities and court-houses you can still see some reference to the Ten Commandments; well, that is except most of them have been torn down or placed in a more politically correct location. I find people being critical of those who believe we should look to God's Word for guiding public policy are being hypocritical as they are doing the same as I in they they support their belief that it should not. Also, regarding the comment about how Jesus and/or the first church "never lobbied Rome or endorsed a particular economy". I'm sorry but you need to go back and read the principle of talents that I summarized in my first post as that is an endorsement of an economic principle. In addition, you do not know much about the early church history if you think that the early church did not lobby or try to influence their government.

  • Kory,

    "Everybody I guess I just don’t get it then."

    Actually, we did. But not everything is about politics. You're meandering, so most of us avoided you. John is talking about conservative and liberal theology. Not politics.

    "My whole point by my “rant” was to say that I don’t endorse labels at all."

    Well, no, because you then said:

    "Biblical principles are conservative principles no matter how you slice it."

    If you don't endorse labels, I suggest not using them. Just a tip.

    As for our laws being based on the Ten Commandments … you do realize that non-Judaic peoples had laws against theft, right?

    And as for lobbying Rome … are you suggesting that the Church did lobby Rome? If so, (snicker, snicker) then … (guffaw) … okay, thanks for (chuckle) enlightening the rest of us dolts.

    Lastly, just because you hit on a pet peeve, … the parable of the talents is not about capitalism. It's a parable. Just like the parable of the seeds is not about gardening. It's addressing a spiritual concept. To diminish that into being a mere worldly lesson in market economics is at once politically conservative and theologically radical (since it trashes the entire meaning of the text).

  • Christine

    Kory: I won't say much because wken just did a sterling job (well done mate, couldn't have said that better).

    "I just think if the Bible is the Owner’s manual for how to have a successful everlasting life, then we should make it public and private policy."

    This is MY pet peeve. The Bible is NOT an owner's manual for successful everlasting life. It is so much more than that, it is how to connect with, understand and learn about God. It is an insight into the history of a people that God chose as his own. It is a place where people from around the globe can find a commonality… reduce it to a manual is to miss the point entirely. Jesus brings everlasting life, not a manual, not the Bible.

    Ok, pet peeve dealt with 🙂 For all other thoughts see wken above

  • Tim

    Sorry. Late to the game.

    Regardless of political bent…we are all BENT. We seem to act as though GOVERNMENT will bring about the kingdom living that we should know only Christ will reign in. With that in mind, I am favorable to the idea that partisan government divides. And Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. We talk about a 13 trillion dollar deficit and raising taxes to get out from under the reckless spending of BOTH parties. WHY? Because THEY the government have the answers that WE the people don’t. BullS#!t

    The kingdom of God is within US. Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian…UNITE!

    May our politics decrease, that He may increase!

  • lethargic

    Thank you, Kory.

    My personal experience … for those liberals out there, that trumps 'most anything else … is that I have never been treated lovingly by "Liberal Christians." All the love has come from those "hard-hearted" "conservative Christians." And I admit, I'm hard to love. In my personal life story, it's the "conservatives" who make the effort to love me, curmudgeon though I be, and the "liberals" who silence me with their smug temporal control. Guess who I see the face and hands of Christ in?

  • Lori


  • ShyAsrai

    i'm no Biblical scholar, but it seems to me:

    1) the Bible is chock-full-to-the-brim with war and politics and the Earthly struggle to live and love in a God-like manner amongst those in power who wanted to BE the god.

    2) at no time in recorded human history was man ever free from attempts by someone(s) to tyrannize, be it in the name or reason of God or otherwise.

    3) persecution of Christians began because they couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't idolize/worship a mere mortal, and continues thus today.

    4) what the H is a 'liberal' vs. a 'conservative' Christian? either you're a Christian or you're not. you believe in Christ as the Messiah or ipso facto you're a Jew, or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Buddhist or an aethiest. EGAD i despise sophistry.

  • Okay. Well, for one, liberal Christians believe that God made homosexuals just like they are, and that they're no more barred from getting into heaven than any other Christian, while conservative Christians believe homosexuality is a craven violation of everything Christ stood for, and that all unrepentant homosexuals will be condemned for eternity to burn alive in hell. Is that un-sophist enough for you?

  • Some Writer: What a hackneyed, knee-jerk, muddled little tirade. Grow up. (And if you're going to call yourself a writer—much less tout the value of the intellectual life– learn the difference between a real sentence and semi-literate burblings like, "In regards to how liberal vs. conservative treat other people.," or "Liberal core foundations is to accept men in all there parts; whatever values they hold, and say we’ll make it work." It doesn't work if you chide people for being stupid in a way that makes clear you read and write at a grammar school level.

  • I am so tired of this stuff. The Bible’s a joke… you believe it why? Because someone told you to? The bible is hand written, by men, and while it says “It’s god’s divine word”… and who wrote that? Man. Now one might tell themselves no man can come up with anything like the bible. ARE YOU KIDDING. We’ve built nations, mastered the laws of physics, chemistry, science, anatomy. We’ve mapped DNA and we’ve developed incredible technology that requires more lines of code and writing then the bible ever had, before men chopped it up and chose the pieces they wanted.

    My point if there is a God, he’s not discriminatory; he’s not racist. The only thing you have that says otherwise, is your book, which condemns anything but the ultraconservative… written by the hand of man, manipulated any way they would have ever pleased…. and had several opportunities to do so throughout history.

    In regards to how liberal vs. conservative treat other people. Conservative people automatically discriminate based on values… other religions, actions, and races. They convince themselves they don’t. In fact, I’m sure anyone who replies to this will think they are discriminating, or racist. They are.

    Liberal core foundations is to accept men in all there parts; whatever values they hold, and say we’ll make it work. Whether they are homosexual, pro-abortion, etc. Now you tell me: does your God discriminate? If so, he’s not a God worthy of worship.

  • Christine

    Some Writer: Just a curious question, have you ever actually read the Bible? If you have then feel free to rip it apart at your leisure (I am not talking bits and pieces, I am talking WHOLE thing) and I would be quite willing to take on that lively debate. However, if you haven’t it would be like me ripping apart Darwin’s theory of evolution or the Constitution of America without having the foggiest what it actually says…..a pointless, brainless and really foolish thing to do.

    The fact that you say that the bible says God is racist, condemning and is ultraconservative suggests to me that you haven’t really even picked it up but are just spouting on about what someone else has said about it (or the way someone has presented it, and very badly I might add). If we all took that stance then all arguments in the world turn into “he said, she said” and are ultimately pointless. Go pick up the Bible one day (I suggest you start with the book of John, it’s not a bad read) and the come back and tell me what you think it says about God, this time with your OWN opinion

  • Look lets face it Liberals throw this love word around and don't know what is involved in Love. They think sex has something to do with Love, Sex is an itch and the only thing sex has to do with Love or Marriage is the promise/commitment not to have sex with an other.

    anyway. Gods Loves righteousness and Justice no doubt.and He wants our Love to me the same.

    Love has many roles and acts. it is characterful.

    So what is the Love that the Bible teaches? Justice. sacrifice. and integrity.. One might say what about compassion and Mercy? all part of the three which is Love , Let me give you an example in Jeremiah.

    Jeremiah 31:20

    20 Is Ephraim my dear son? Is he a pleasant child? Even though I have often spoken against him, I still think fondly of him. That is why my heart longs for him, and I will certainly have compassion on him,” declares the Lord.

    Ephraim. is in a state of repentance. he is repenting thing about himself, bemoaning even things of his youth,.Ephraim had pleaded (v. 18), Thou art the Lord my God, therefore to thee will I return, he is a prodigal son,and was in chastisement, Now he is repenting his sins coming before God asking for forgiveness. God answers him with the same bemoaning,,,

    Do you see the relationship of love and justice. ?

    Definition of Mercy.

    1.compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender, an enemy, or other person in one's power; compassion, pity, or benevolence: Have mercy on the poor sinner.

    2.the disposition to be compassionate or forbearing: an adversary wholly without mercy.

    3.the discretionary power of a judge to pardon someone or to mitigate punishment, esp. to send to prison rather than invoke the death penalty. act of kindness, compassion, or favor: She has performed countless small mercies for her friends and neighbors.

    5.something that gives evidence of divine favor; blessing: It was just a mercy we had our seat belts on when it happened.

    —Idiom the mercy of, entirely in the power of; subject to: They were at the mercy of their captors. Also, at one's mercy.

    Definition of Justice

    Justice = Mercy= compassion. (Towards an offender).

    and then there is compassion=Mercy for the less fortunate.= justice


    the assignment of merited rewards or punishments

    conformity to truth, fact, or reason :

    More thought should go into the word Love and what does it really mean. instead of teaching that it is just a hug and Kiss,,,

  • Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke [reason with] thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.

    Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord.

    – Leviticus 19: 17-18 (KJV)

    "Love thy neighbor as thyself" (Matthew 5: 43, etc.), He actually quotes the Hebrew Bible.

    Deut 6:5

    5 You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. (also quotes the Hebrew Bible)

    unless their is two Gods . it is personal revenge is what Jesus is saying. (not to take the Law in your own hands)now lets think about this QM, When Does one become an enemy? Can you answer that? IF you Love your enemy, how is he an enemy? and then we get back to. what is Love, is it really as simple as a four letter word?

    Love is the last six commandments, (Honor thy parents that watchout and protect etc.)

  • DefiningEternity

    An interesting article to be sure. I like that you call both sides to task in at least some of their failures, but you end on a disturbing note, namely “here’s to the idea that we’ll all eventually end up in exactly the same place”.

    That is a nice hope, but it cannot be so. I say this for the simple fact that LC and CC aren’t even always trying to get to the same place to begin with (and by “place” i assume you mean heaven).

    Aren’t Liberals trying to reach heaven? Of course they are. How do they define “heaven” though. Certainly within current scholarship there is a trend to view eschatology and afterlife as both relating not to a transcendent entity but to humans accomplishing God’s will on earth (which doesn’t even begin to examine how they define God).

    So if CC believes in a transcendent afterlife and if LC believes in an “afterlife” lived concurrent to life, how can they reach the same place?

  • Nathan W.

    I guess my church would be considered conservative. We allow homosexuals into our congregations and (perhaps unfortunately for them) we treat them like everyone else. As we also treat divorced people fornicating teenagers etc. We do not single out any particular sins except for Children disobeying their parents and a subsequent spare the rod speech (which is a deep subject for me).

    This has to be my favorite article of yours but I don't think we should leave the answer at "who cares". We need to come together as one body of believers.

  • "Jesus used the parables of the ten talents to show that taking what you’ve been given and being profitable with it is the right thing."

    or it could be a metaphor that the system currently in operation is corrupt and the poor are trampled. since "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." (Matt 19:24) maybe Jesus wasn't supporting the rich as conservatives tend to do. Jesus always sided with the sinner, the poor, and the oppressed.

  • they both have their pluses and minuses. that's why Progressive Christians are the better choice.. they are neither left nor right, but forward.

  • Christine;

    God seperated the races. But, I do agree. Many people dont READ the Bible- Torah, Tanach, New Testament, just spout Scriptures and call it valid.

    God had his reason for seperating the races. Why? Because when they all came together as one, they wanted to BE God. Which is what is happening now., sadly.

    As far as all the talk on homosexuality.. The Bible is not for it, and God is not for it. As Jews AND Christians, I belive that people must stand on what they believe without being a visious and hateful individual like the Westboros.

    I do not believe that homosexuality is right, but I would not ever stand by watching a homosexual person get beaten up, as many Muslims have done to gays. I have many friends that are homosexual, they know that I stand with my beliefs, we just dont discuss their private lives, and we have been friends for over 20 years.

    Anyway, Shalom.

    May we all just turn to God, who is a spirit that encompasses the earth, and in our hearts.

  • Ed Hook

    Well done, my friend!

  • A’isha

    Ok, John, I love the discussion, but I can’t get past your first sentence. Did you really mean “and have liberal?” Like what, the conservatives have liberals for lunch?? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    no, it was just a typo. fixed.

  • Bonjohen

    Agree with the title – at least the non-parenthetical pert. I make decisions based on facts and data… Something that theology is sorely lacking. There is nothing to suggest of an afterlife. Morality can be defined by causing pain to others. Denying people the opportunity to enjoy life is generally immoral. Forcing views on another person is equally immoral. Arguing is a waste of time. I’m done with the whole religion thing.

  • Looks like you bought into that twisted version of the metaphor rather neatly. Many churches like to twist the Bible to encourage wealth-building and tithing and to turn your eye away from the lavish lifestyle of the church leaders. The reality is that the Bible teaches us to honor our poor and treat the poor and invalid with respect and courtesy – not scream at them that they are worthless parasites.

  • Jeff

    Amen! Very well said!

    When Jesus helped others it was always at his own expense, not others’.

  • Jimtami16

    Unfortunately, I like to think of the common sense Christian. Who believes the word of God and believes helping people as Jesus Christ commanded. The person who understands that many of our Washington elitist politicians would remove God from our country and turn us into a non-christian socialist state. Please educate yourselves, pray and most of all use some common sense and be as our forefathers who based this great country on Christian values and common sense.

  • Melischamberlin

    It kills me that people say this country was built on Christian values and common sense. This country was built by men who killed and stole from a people who were already here to promote themselves.

    It also kills me that people isolate scripture from the Bible to prove a point. I can prove anything through scripture splitting. The Bible is about God, not about us. The second we start to believe that the bible tells us how to promote ourselves, we are out of context. Focus on God, not yourself, and that is where the blessings are. His will, not yours…and that is the truth for accumulating wealth and finding “happiness” in earthly things. Wealth and earthly things are not bad, they are real…but it has been in my poorest and sickest times in my life that I have known God the deepest, which only leads me to believe that if you live your life trying to stay out of pain and sufferring, that you are missing Blessings. So start doing the work that Jesus talks about and stop thinking about your next move to aquire something for yourself. It is through giving that we become the most like Jesus, and it is through the fruit of the spirit that we experience joy. The rest is fleeting.

    So Kory, you can live your life thinking that your version of the Bible is right, and that your accumulation of wealth is something that you deserve because you worked for it…but it isn’t so. Your accumulation of wealth is because the system is set up to make wealthy people wealthier and poor people poorer. Most of us have been struggling to put food on the table, not money in the bank, and nice cars in our driveways…and a good many of us have been stripped of our savings because of a banking system that has been built on the greed of man. Entitlement is the largest disease of this country, and even if you don’t live your life thinking you are entitled, the disease affects everyone very deeply and daily.

    The bible is not about you. It is about God. Read it. Read it all. Please. Read it as if it is a gift for you, and respect it, not for your own benefit, but for God’s benefit.

  • Melischamberlin

    Oh, and thanks John, for this wonderful piece. I cannot claim either side. It just isn’t that simple…

  • J Davis

    Thank you for this post on your blog. You put into words what I have been mulling over and wrestling with for the past two years!