LGBT ruling = Attack of the Crazy Christians = Quiet time

LGBT ruling = Attack of the Crazy Christians = Quiet time June 29, 2015


Hi, folks! Congratulations to all who are rejoicing over SCOTUS’s historic ruling that gay people have no less right to the full protection of the Constitution of the United States than do any other American citizens!

Don’t you just love how eventually right prevails?

Don’t you just hate how sometimes it takes waaaaaay too long for that to happen?

Speaking of hairballs in the clogged sink of moral progress, it’s been a tough few days for those who believe that gay people should stop being gay, and that the Confederate flag is anything but the perfect symbol for everything in human nature that is depraved and evil.

And so, as people do when they’re feeling threatened, the Hate Wins! contingent is fighting back.

What that means to me personally is a shit-storm of emails, text messages, and blog comments (a sampling of which you can read here) from people whose passion is equaled only by their lack of basic writing skills.


The result is that I’ve chosen, at least temporarily, to shut down comments on my blog. Sorry about that. But what can I do? Life’s too short to … well, let vicious nutjobs use your blog as a platform from which to spew their hateful crazy.

Also, just now I’m bonkers busy. My wife Catherine and I are divesting ourselves of at least half of everything we own, selling the place we now live, and moving literally across the country into a dinky green/passive home in the mountains that’s not even built yet (and won’t be unless a few key things go very well for us very quickly!). All of which I would love to talk to you about. But it’s all extremely personal, and has nothing whatsoever to do with anything appropriate for the Patheos Progressive Christian channel. Which is why I’m going to be talking about it via my newsletter—which is nothing but an email from me to you, talking about … well, my new life and purpose, basically.

If you’d like to receive that email newsletter (which I’ll be sending out very soon now/this week if my surgery this week goes well) subscribe to it on my website. I won’t use your email address for any other reason, and you can unsubscribe to it with the click of the button.

Later, gators. Love!!

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