October 26, 2016

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Chris Tomlin. October is a big month for him. He has a new album that was just released, a new book and just hosted a Worship Night in America that was shown in over 450 theaters across the U.S.  Chris is one of the most humble people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. His humility sticks out to me, because he’s also one of the most notable and well-respected Christian musicians and... Read more

October 11, 2016

I Thought I Was Getting Married Yesterday By: Joshua Denton This past consecutive year or so has without a doubt been the best season of my life. But it has also without a doubt been the hardest season of my life. Not that the current months in my life have been particularly easy, but around this time last year was pretty rough. In January of 2015 I first moved to Washington, DC with the full intention of either remaining in... Read more

September 20, 2016

As I was spending time with the Lord this morning, I was reflecting on one of the most influential spiritual habits I implement every day. Since this habit has been revolutionary in my walk with the Lord, I thought I’d share with y’all.  I read 5 Psalms every day. 5 Psalms a day can’t be that influential, can it? Yes, it can! It’s one of my favorite parts of spending time with the Lord. It prepares my heart for the day, reminds me... Read more

July 28, 2016

Recently, I chatted with Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott about her new single, Thy Will, and new album, Love Remains, available July 29. My heart was extremely touched by the honesty of Ms. Scott. She shared the deep heartache that Thy Will was born out of, and I think her vulnerability is going to touch a lot of people! Continue reading to hear about the story behind the song. Thy Will is the most personal song I’ve ever written. I was going through a miscarriage... Read more

July 21, 2016

This past Saturday, I attended the Together 2016 conference on the National Mall in Washington D.C. The purpose of the conference was for Christians from all over the country and the world to come together, make a stand for Jesus and “reset” their lives in repentance. I brought a videographer / photographer along with me. Brian Tagalog was absolutely incredible!! I cannot say enough good things about him!! If anyone needs a photographer, contact Brian! The event was supposed to... Read more

July 14, 2016

Life hurts. No one is beyond the touch of pain, although some feel it deeper than others. Every time we turn on the news, listen to the grief’s that others bear, mourn over losses, or simply try to live as a faithful Christian in a fallen world; we’re reminded afresh of just how difficult life is. How does a Christian navigate life? How does a Christian glorify God? How does a Christian exemplify joy, even when life is hard? The... Read more

June 30, 2016

When I was in Nashville at the beginning of June for the K-Love Fan Awards, I had the opportunity to interview two time Grammy winners, for KING AND COUNTRY. The duo won Group/Duo Of The Year and Best Live Show at the K-Love Fan Awards. Joel and Luke Smallbone, are the two brothers that make up for KING AND COUNTRY. (Fun Fact – Rebecca St. James is their older sister.) The are currently working on a movie called “Priceless“, which discusses the identity,... Read more

June 17, 2016

Recently, I interviewed Phil Whickham at the K-love Fan Awards in Nashville, TN. Phil Wickham is one of my absolute favorite artists, and it was a delight to chat with him about his newest album, my favorite song of his, and what encouragement he has for fellow Christians!    I first heard about Phil Wickham’s music through his incredibly popular songs, “This is Amazing Grace” and “You’re Beautiful“. Wickham is one of those rare musicians where every song on every album is... Read more

June 8, 2016

I was in Nashville this past weekend for the K-Love fan awards! While I was there, I had the opportunity to interview lots of musicians, and I’m so excited to share those conversations with you. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, former host of The View and Fox & Friends co-hosts the award show with Christian musician, Matthew West. I had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth’s husband – Tim Hasselbeck and his brother Matt Hasselbeck.  Since time was limited, I only had the opportunity to ask them two questions. My... Read more

May 5, 2016

I will be their God, and they shall be my people.  2 Corinthians 6:16 What a sweet title: “my people”! What a cheering revelation: “their God”! What a wealth of meaning is couched in those two words, “my people!” Here is speciality. The whole world is God’s; the heaven, even the heaven of heavens, is the Lord’s and He reigns among the children of men. But of those whom He has chosen, whom He has purchased to Himself, He says... Read more

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