Romney’s Save America message

Romney’s Save America message January 12, 2012

Before Mitt Romney made his decision to run for president his wife asked him one question, “Can you really save America?”

Yes, Mitt answered.

He told the same thing to voters in Iowa:


Well, actually, to be specific he said that this election is about saving the soul of America.

I’m not sure if Romney is running for president or if he’s vyying for Joel Osteen’s job. If you boil down their messages, they are preaching the same salvation — the salvation of abundance.

“Our DNA is like the people in Europe, but we excel past them, way beyond them, in terms of abundance in this land because of the principles upon which this nation has been founded,” Mitt says.

You don’t suppose the principles Romney was referring to were the same ones that allows our major corporations to go into other countries and exploit their people, do you?

In other words, the message is move over Europe, we Americans are way better than you. We are richer because we are smarter. We are smarter because we know how to mistreat people and get away with it.

You want to know how to save America?

You do it by breaking the backs of workers in other nations, after you’ve outsourced jobs and left millions in your own country unemployed.

Yay Us.

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