Ten Bible Scenes That Should Be Made into LEGO Sets

Ten Bible Scenes That Should Be Made into LEGO Sets February 5, 2015

Now that Doctor Who is getting official Lego treatment, it’s time that the good book–inspired by none other than the Master Builder of all the universe–receive its own line of official building block sets. Here to divinely reveal them is none other than yours truly.

1. Lot’s Wife Looks Back – A good beginner’s set. The pillar of salt is easy to construct and the scene teaches children a valuable lesson in obedience.

2. Jeal (Yael) and Her Trusty Tent Peg – The heroine from the Book of Judges comes with a tent, a lordly Lego dish of milk, two tent pegs (in case you lose one), and a mallet. Unfortunately, if you want the Sisera mini-fig, you have to purchase the more expensive Jabin’s Army set.

LEGO Judith Bible3. Judith and Holofernes (pictured) – Another precious moment from the scriptures. Let’s hope little baby Judith in The Walking Dead grows up to be like her sword-swinging namesake!

4. The Battle of Ephraim’s Wood – Absalom, Absalom! This set features the handsome warrior, a couple of his troops, the infamous oak tree, and several hair pieces for the doomed rebel, including one with strands caught in branches. Oh, Joab and his darts too!

5. Jesus Overturns the Tables – A simple set with tables that flip over and a happy-face, angry-face reversible head for Jesus.

6. Paul Writes His Letters – This admittedly less action-packed set celebrates literacy and ministry. Paul also has a reversible happy-face, angry-face for you to use depending on Paul’s audience and what he happens to be writing at the moment.

7. The Nativity Scene – Re-released every Advent. Fits on most fireplace mantels!

8. Noah’s Ark – This massive set is 300 pieces long, 50 pieces wide, and 30 pieces high. Includes Noah’s family, River Tam, and two of every creature minus a few million species that don’t fit. Bonus: the ark floats! But don’t lose any pieces down the drain!

9. The Tower of Babel – The downside to this set is that it looks incomplete even though, as a Lego set, it really isn’t.

10. The Garden of Eden – A collector’s version of this set will include Lilith in addition to Adam and Eve (naked), the tree, and the serpent that come with the standard set. God sold separately for business and theological reasons.

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