November 14, 2014

Do Derrida, Heidegger, and the Bible say something similar about our relationship to language? Read more

November 13, 2014

I interviewed John Henry Crosby about his translation of ‘My Battle against Hitler,’ a collection of memoirs and essays by Dietrich von Hildebrand. Read more

November 12, 2014

Prophecy stories can be rather humdrum and contrived, but Miyazaki avoided the pitfalls of the genre by taking its hermeneutics seriously, complicating the prophecy by weaving inconsistencies into its history, its interpretation, and its fulfillment. This post is the second entry in my Religion in Pop Culture Series. Read more

November 6, 2014

What does Cardinal Burke’s image of the church as a rudderless ship tells us about the church’s dynamics of power? Read more

November 5, 2014

In this post, part of the Religion in Pop Culture Series, I examine the reasons for Frank Alpine’s conversion to Judaism in Bernard Malamud’s novel, ‘The Assistant.’ Read more

November 4, 2014

Starting tomorrow, I will be writing a weekly series on the representation of religion in popular culture. Topics and themes will vary and largely depend on the particular work I’m analyzing, but I plan to focus mostly on the ways religious beliefs, practices, symbols, and institutions shape understanding and motivate behavior. Read more

November 4, 2014

“Each society has its regime of truth, its ‘general politics’ of truth: that is, the types of discourse which it accepts and makes function as true; the mechanisms and instances which enable one to distinguish true and false statements, the means by which each is sanctioned; the techniques and procedures accorded value in the acquisition of truth; the status of those who are charged with saying what counts as true.” Read more

November 3, 2014

Seems Katie Melua has a Franciscan spirit–one more reason she’s one of my favorite singers! Read more

October 30, 2014

If human nature can vary and evolve, then the basis of the good can vary and change. Could natural law theory adapt to this? Read more

October 30, 2014

Media critic Anita Sarkeesian discusses her project and the attacks against her with Stephen “Do you hear the applause for the idea of a male-dominated space?” Colbert. Read more

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