Living in the Tension Gathering – 10/21

Living in the Tension Gathering – 10/21 October 18, 2013

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, October 21, we will be watching the documentary Love Free or Die. The film focuses on the story of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay person to become a bishop in the historic traditions of Christendom. It follows Robinson’s personal story as American churches debate whether or not LGBT people are equal to heterosexual individuals in the eyes of God while our nation debates whether LGBT people are equal to heterosexuals in the eyes of the law. We will be meeting in Room 124 on 5255 N Ashland Ave. at 7pm to watch the documentary. You can check out the trailer below:

If you’re available beforehand, we will be getting together to grab a bite to eat and hang out at Jerry’s Sandwiches (5419 N Clark) at 5:15pm.

We hope to see you there!

Much love. 

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