In which I share a comment

In which I share a comment August 5, 2012

So, I just had this shared with me on twitter in response to my post yesterday:

@lovejoyfeminism @koush regardless of how the media portrays gays as “normal” it’s been put to a vote in over 30 states and voted down in over 30 states. You aren’t normal. You’re deceived. You gays are also militant and are doing more harm to your cause than good with your “rubbing your gayness in everyone’s faces”…. The “normal” Americans are getting sick of it (hence the voting it down every. single. time. Stop being obnoxious with your fag-ness and stop trying to convince America to see it your way. If you are “born that way” then eventually you should evolve into a beast that can reproduce and the rest of America will come around to your point of view on equality…. also, keep your gayness off my TV and out of my home. Oh… and I don’t hate you.”

Hmm. Somehow I don’t buy that last line…

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