Worthwhile Reads: Feminism, “Love,” and Kidnapping

Worthwhile Reads: Feminism, “Love,” and Kidnapping August 10, 2012

It Really Wasn’t That Long Ago, on Permission to Live:

I’ve heard from conservatives that feminism is a silly endeavour today, women have all the rights they could ever want today, that all this anti-women stuff was a long long time ago. (But was it really? Go ask your grandmother!) The thing is, I grew up believing the same stuff. That women had to please men, that athletics would risk a woman’s reproductive health which was pretty much the most important thing about her. In other parts of the world today millions of girls are still fed that message that they are not worth as much as men, that they are not as capable as men.

A Fundamentalist Christian Paradox? “Love is an Action, Not a Feeling” vs. “Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner”, on The Phoenix and the Olive Branch:

If love is a feeling, I suppose you can love someone while acting against their best interests. You can love somebody and still be a selfish idiot, after all.

If love is an action, though, how can you punish someone and love them at the same time? How can you claim to love someone in an active sense when your actions directly harm them? How can you claim to love them when you don’t honor, trust, protect or forgive them? How can you claim to be loving toward them when you are impatient and furious with them? How can you love them when you believe they are inferior?

What kind of love demands that you change everything about yourself?

With love like that, I think I’d rather be hated.

Conservative pundit wants “underground railroad” to kidnap children of gay parents, on Blag Hag

The truly bizarre thing is that Fischer frames this as a way to protect your child. As if all children in same-sex households were originally kidnapped by The Gays from wholesome Christian families, where Peter Pan gathering up Lost Boys is a literal interpretation of the gay agenda. Is this seriously a concern of conservative opposite-sex couples? “How do I protect my child from being raised by The Gays?!” Maybe you could…I dunno, not put your child up for adoption? Not become gay? There seem to be less radical options than kidnapping other children available.


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