Created To Be His Help Meet: A Compilation of Posts

Created To Be His Help Meet: A Compilation of Posts December 29, 2015

I began my page-by-page review of Created To Be His Help Meet well over three years ago. I proposed the series in a September 18th, 2012, post, Shall I Review Created To Be His Help Meet?, and received an overwhelmingly affirmative response. And so I began. Reviewing the book, page by page, took over two years and became one of the most well-loved features of this blog. Debi’s writing was often disturbing—she advises women to obey their husband without question and never stand up for or assert themselves, after all—but it could also be entertaining. I completed the series just over a year ago, in October 2014, but I never really wrote any form of summary wrap-up.

Today I offer you a compilation of all of the posts in my Created To Be His Help Meet review series, broken down by chapter. Enjoy! Oh, and feel free to discuss. If you were around for the series, what posts were your favorite, so to speak? What themes especially horrified you? Where would you recommend new readers to start?

Front Matter

Michael Pearl’s Stamp of Approval

Michael and Debi’s Whirlwind Romance

Debi Knows “God’s Plan”

Part 1 — The Help Meet

1. God’s Gift

The Jezebel Type

Women’s Created Purpose

In Which Debi Twists Scripture

Subordinate, But Not Inferior

What Is a “Help Meet” (in the KJV)

2. A Merry Heart

In Which Debi Almost Gets Something Right

One Ugly Hillbilly

Smile, Giggle, and Simper

3. A Thankful Spirit

Contentment Is All That Matters

4. Thanksgiving Produces Joy

In Which Mike Spills the Garbage

On Being Your Husband’s “Playmate”

Remember, It Could Be Worse!

5. The Gift of Wisdom

In Which Debi Poisons the Well

In Which Debi Reveals Her Mandate

How to Be an Abused Woman

6. The Beginning of Wisdom

Be Afraid, Very Afraid

Disappointed Old Failures

Else God Will Drive You Mad (Literally)

7. Wisdom — While There Is Yet Hope

Debi Pearl and the Sex-Obsessed Babysitter

Single Moms Turned Lesbian

Michael’s Meat, Sit Down and Shut Up, and It’s All in Your Head

8. Wisdom to Understand Your Man

Created in the Image of Man

The Command Man Tames the Shrew

My Mr. Visionary

Don’t Take Your Mr. Stead for Granted

Debi’s Abuse Meter Is Broken

9. Finding Your Life in His

The Butter Churn, the Carrot, and the Stick

10. Reactions Define You

Don’t Resist, Confront, or Challenge

11. The Nature of Man and Woman

Taming Wild Horses and Lassoing Bears

The Woman Was Deceived

You Only Think You’re Spiritual!

Adam Knew (But It’s Eve’s Fault)

Don’t Take Your Husband to Church

The Proverbs 31 Woman Served Her Husband

12. By Divine Appointment

An Army of Two

In Which Debi Can’t Read Genesis

Women Can Be Effective Leaders—So What?

In Which Debi Has Scientific Proof

13. The Great Mystery

The (Proxy) Bride of (an Abusive) Christ

Only Ever Think Good

Earning Your Abuser’s Trust

14. King and Kingdoms

Surrendering Your Autonomy to Another

In Which a Woman Dares to Assert Agency

The Tale of the Purple Flowers PJ Girl

Pick a Girl with Low Self Esteem (Yes Really)

Part 2 — Titus 2

Sheer Terror Is a Good Motivator

15. To Be Sober — 1

Talk to Your Husband about How You Feel? Ha!

How to Cook to Please Your Husband

Debi Takes Us Back to the 1950s

Having a Nervous Breakdown? Selfish Woman!

16. To Love Their Husbands — 2

Tell My Wife to Have Sex with Me!

Divine Lovers and Desparate Castration

Don’t Talk to Me about Pain!

Sexual Intercourse = Our Relationship with Jesus

“Sexual Perversions”

17. To Love Their Children — 3

75 Unhappy Homeschool Kids

The Bitter, Critical Woman

Praying Women and “Spiritual Masturbation”

Esther and Her Mother

Daycare Is Adopting Your Kids Out

Sexually Abused Children as Broken, Diseased

18. To Be Discreet — 4

Discretion and the Jewel in the Pig’s Nose

Debi Speaks on Ruth’s Sex Life (and a Stove)

Men Can’t Take Criticism (Ever)

Sex, Charles, and Lesbians

19. Chaste — 5

Finding a “Decent” Woman

Wear a Sack

The Catch 22

Bad Bob

David’s Sin Was All Bathsheba’s Fault

20. Keepers at Home — 6

Stay at Home or Your Child Will Be Molested

God or Husband—Whom Do I Obey?

Do Women Have Types?

Get Off the Internet!

21. Good — 7

Wives, Cover for Your Husbands

Your Husband Can’t Cover for You

Are You a Dumb Cluck?

Don’t Take Your Kids to the Doctor

Be Entrepreneurs—but Only at Home!

22. Obedient to Their Own Husbands — 8

He Will Be Your Head, and You Will Follow Him

(Misplaced) Hope for an Abused Woman

Obey Your Husband So He Will Have Nothing to Beat Down

Men Are Powder Kegs (So Don’t Provoke Them)

Michael Compliments Himself—by Complimenting Debi

Speak No Evil of Anyone, Ever

Don’t Sympathize with Your Husband

Sweet Little Theresa’s Story

In Which Debi Further Confuses Poor Sue Ann

The Question of Birth Control

What about the Head Covering?

How to Make an Appeal

23. To Obey or Not to Obey

In Which Shannon Smashes Her Husband’s Computer

Spheres of Authority

God Does Not Override a Man’s Authority

It Is Acceptable to God

The Sodomite Predator

Cross-Dressing (with a Dose of Transphobia)

From Thievery to Tax Fraud

So Your Husband Says Not to Go to Church . . . 

The Bottomless Line

In Which Debi Explains Abigail

24. Heirs Together on the Grace of Life

Beautiful Sarah, and Abraham’s Lie

In Which Debi Mangles Another Bible Character

What “Companionship” Means in Pearl World

Playing Telephone with God

A Young Wife Should Be “Bored and Lonely”

Why Was Marian’s Husband So Loving?

After Matter

“I Am His Water”

Blessings and Vessels

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