Parenting Survey Request!

Parenting Survey Request! November 28, 2016

Wendy Thomas Russell is the author of a book on offering nonreligious parents advice on talking to their children about God. I recently received this email from her:

I am in the midst of writing a book about how science (specifically neuroscience) is helping to inform how we ought to be parenting (if only we’d listen!). I know you and I have very similar thoughts when it comes to child-rearing, and I believe much of the advice in the new book will very much appeal to your sensibilities and philosophy.

Here’s my question: I am circulating a brief survey right now to parents of kids ages 2-18, and would love to hear from your blog readers, who seem like just the type of people the book will be targeting. The survey tries to mete out the greatest behavioral challenges parents face with their children and the ways in which parents deal with those challenges.

I’d love it if you took the survey and then, if you think it worthy, included a note about it in one of your blogs? Even at the very end would be great — I’m not asking for high placement or anything. Just a way to get the word out to progressive parents.

I am partnering with two parenting educators here in California, and I think the book is going to be just amazing. But the survey itself could certainly use a push.

Here’s the link:

I took Wendy’s survey this morning—it took me a hair longer than ten minutes. The survey is very straightforward, and I did not find it at all invasive or uncomfortable to fill out. Filling it out will give Wendy and her partners input on the various needs of progressive parents—and that means it’ll help give her direction as she writes.

The survey is only for parents of children under 18, but if that fits you, please consider taking Wendy’s survey! I’ll try to get my hands on a copy of Wendy’s book when it comes out, so that I can review it here—come to think of it, I should probably try to get my hands on her already-published book for the same reason!

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