How the Wealthy Lived in Ancient Ephesus

How the Wealthy Lived in Ancient Ephesus September 29, 2011

Part 11 of series:
Ancient Ephesus and the New Testament

How the Wealthy Lived in Ancient Ephesus

During my last visit to Ephesus, I had the opportunity to tour the so-called “Terrace Houses,” which are stacked in three terraces on Bulbul Mountain in the center of Ephesus. Centuries ago, they were buried by landslides that were likely caused by earthquakes. The Terrace Houses are currently being excavated, with the promise of many more similar excavations yet to come.

Here are some pictures I took of the Terrace Houses (except for the first photo, which I found on WikiCommons).

View of the location of the Terrace Houses (under those white protective roofs).
Side view of the Terraces Houses from Curetes Street
Another view of the a small part of the puzzle, with results pictured on the wall
A view showing at least two of the houses being excavated
This close-up gives you a sense of the elaborate and beautiful frescoes that once covered the walls of these houses.
Using terra cotta pipes, the houses had indoor running hot and cold water, as well as heat.
A mosaic of a lion on one of the floors of the Terraces houses.

If you visit Ephesus, I recommend a tour of the Terrace Houses. This requires, I believe, reservations made in advance.

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