The Habit of Dinner

The Habit of Dinner October 14, 2014

At The High Calling, Kimberlee Conway Ireton wrote about the habit of dinner-making – and the gift of that habit:

I have been making dinner for my family since I was ten years old, only back then I made it for my sister and my parents, and now I make it for my husband and our kids.

Thirty years of daily dinner-making is 11,000 meals. Sometimes, the dailiness of this habit feels like a burden, or even a curse—the way the quotidian often does. Some days, I think I will scream if I have to do it again. Some days, I ask my own ten year old if he’ll make dinner because I. just. can’t. But mostly, if it’s nearly 5:00, you will find me in the kitchen chopping vegetables or browning meat or both. And mostly, even when it feels burdensome, I know this habit is a gift.

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