May 15, 2019

In the past couple days, you got to discuss stuff you can’t hardly discuss anywhere else, cuz there aren’t too many blogs with this mix of Catholic theology and daffy pop culture cogitations about theology, zombies, vaccinations, vaccinations causing the zombie apocalypse, vaccinations curing the zombie apocalypse, the theology of zombie apocalypse vaccinations and (who knows?) meet the man, woman or zombie of your dreams! I ask you: Where else can you get quite what you get here? So if… Read more

May 14, 2019

…is perfectly illustrated by the testimony of this dying man to Congress that GoFundMe is not a health care plan. The core evil of the Libertarian’s war on universal health care is that it lies that taking a few pennies from my paycheck “robs me of the chance to be generous”. No. It does not. Health care is not “charity”. Health care is justice. It is the corollary of our right to life. If, as prolife people endlessly insist, babies… Read more

May 14, 2019

It’s been years since I’ve had to do this and I would not ask if it weren’t necessary.  This is one of the moments where I ask for some small support for my efforts to provide you with the sort of Catholic content, newsiness, fun, and so forth that is this blog. We Sheas live in narrow financial straits. For those who have joined the blog recently, I am a writer trying to support two large livestock sons and a… Read more

May 13, 2019

It’s been years since I’ve had to do this, and hopefully it will be years before I have to do it again, but a confluence of taxes and bills has struck our finances like a tsunami and so I’m asking you: If you like my work, please help keep an emphatically lower middle class writer with a malfunction computer, a giant car repair bill, multiple self-employment, property, and estimated quarterly tax bills, four mouths to feed and a savings account on… Read more

May 13, 2019

They write: In the past, you’ve written a lot about lying, specifically exploring edge cases, questions of “the right to know the truth,” and the fact that lying is always materially wrong. I think you’ve approached the subject in a very reasonable and Catholic way. Thank you. I know people have raised the issue of undercover police officers, spies, etc. but you haven’t deep-dived on those concerns in the past — understandably, since most of the time people aren’t asking… Read more

May 11, 2019

One of the greatest Catholics, as well as one of the greatest human beings of this or any age, died this week: Jean Vanier.  When people look back on our time, he will be one of the greatest figures towering over the wreckage we have made of it.  As people reckon the first century as the “time of Christ” and not as the “time of Tiberius”, and speak of the 13th century as the Age of Aquinas and not of… Read more

May 10, 2019

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May 9, 2019

One of the weird patterns Francis-hating (and Trump-adoring) conservatism (particularly inside, but also outside the United States) has increasingly manifested over the past several years is the strange habit of turning its accusations into confessions.  Again and again, conservatives have accused their enemies of things, only to reveal that they are projecting their own inner desires on to those they hate. So it is no surprise to discover that, in their latest assault on Pope Francis (whom this crowd has… Read more

May 8, 2019

So the other day, Facebook kicked a bunch of kooks out. Most of them were right wing kooks and one of them was Louis Farrakhan. The President of the United States, eternally ignorant of the Constitution which he swore an oath to protect immediately saw a chance to gin up a Right Wing Panic du Jour and tweeted: I am continuing to monitor the censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS on social media platforms. This is the United States of America —… Read more

May 7, 2019

So last week, Jimmy Akin offered a typically lucid critique of the absurd letter charging the Holy Father with heresy. It was, I thought, a brave thing to do since the subculture that it was both created by and addressed to is, in large measure, the subculture that reads the National Catholic Register, for whom Jimmy wrote the critique. My fear was that this subculture would lash out at him instead of listening to him. Alas, my fear was not… Read more

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