Thinking Like A Tarot Reader

Thinking Like A Tarot Reader December 7, 2017

So maybe you’re past the 101 material regarding tarot. You understand every card’s meaning and have been faithfully drawing a card a day and have done a fair share of tarot readings. What next? How can you build a stronger connection to the tarot? How can you come to learn more about how to understand every card that is drawn for every client? Easy, start thinking like a tarot reader.

Image Credit: Nathan McBride | CC0 License Ace of Swords by Mat Auryn (Based on RWS Deck)
Image Credit: Nathan McBride | CC0 License | Ace of Swords by Mat Auryn (Based on RWS Deck)

It is my belief that tarot, like any other form of divination, is a language of dailogue that you establish between the divine, your subconscious, and your conscious mind. In my opinion, one of the things that sets tarot above other forms of divination is that it’s a fairly concise and comprehensive system that pretty much covers any experience, emotion, or interaction we can have as human beings. It also has room for personal interpretation and meanings, as well as being a system that we have collectively tapped into for centuries, thus empowering it in our collective unconscious even further.

Just as you would start looking at synchronicities in your daily life while trying to develop your psychic abilities, you want to start looking for the tarot in your daily life to begin thinking like a tarot reader. This can only be done if you have a solid foundation on either the traditional meanings of the tarot or your own meanings you’ve developed for the tarot. What I mean by thinking like a tarot reader is to observe your experiences, your emotions, your thoughts and those of others and take a moment to meditate on what card this situation would be represented by if this was a card that came up in a tarot reading.

It’s a great practice to also think about which card you think characters in books and movies are, or what scenes in the story could be represented by the tarot. For example, when Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk receives his magic beans, that’s a very Ace of Pentacles moment. He has been given the potential to grow something fantastic that will bring him riches in the end, but at that moment it’s only receiving the potential for that prosperity. Don’t forget the court cards either. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to master the court cards as specific people. For example, for me Cersei from Game of Thrones deeply embodies the Queen of Swords Reversed as someone who is deeply intelligent, strategizes, manipulates others, schemes, and is a fairly dishonest person. Her main weapons are her words and her thoughts.

Just as you’re always wanting to deepen your palette of experience to create a strong system of symbolism to reference to strengthen your psychic ability, you also want to constantly be reflecting upon things in terms of tarot to strengthen your pursuit of mastery in the tarot. By thinking in the language of tarot, you transition from understanding the language of tarot to being fluent in it. When you’ve mastered this you will find that you naturally think in terms of the tarot. Thoughts like “I’m just feeling so overwhelmed by my ambition and I feel like I’ve taken on so much and am struggling a bit to keep it all going and avoid burnout” turns into “I’m feeling really 10 of wands right now.”

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