Let It Go: Multidimensional Magick

Let It Go: Multidimensional Magick December 25, 2019

Recently, I appeared on Desperate House Witches to promote Psychic Witch, and it was probably the funniest interview that I’ve ever done. Raina and Dorian were truly hilarious interviewers. One of the things that Dorian brought up was that her magick seems to work when she doesn’t focus on it or dwell on it or overthink it. She mentioned that it’s only when she “lets it go” that the magick manifests. That’s something I’d like to elaborate on a bit more in this post.

In my book Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation, I discuss how we’re multidimensional beings – using a seven body system that includes the physical body and the six traditional auric bodies. These seven bodies exist on seven different planes of reality and also correspond to the three souls of the witch. Those bodies and planes of reality are Physical, Etheric, Astral, Emotional, Mental, Psychic, and Divine. While this reality map is best understood in a linear order in that fashion, in reality, they’re all interwoven and exist in the same space. It’s just a matter of going from densest energy to the most subtle energy. When we are performing magick, the goal of the caster is to petition the Divine Plane (and self) to manifest within the physical.

In Psychic Witch, I show how to use each part of these selves to bring a desire from the physical to the divine and then back down. I show how these steps are involved (usually unconsciously) in traditional spell casting rituals and how they can be utilized on the spot using solely your focused will. Think of magick like a boomer-rang that you send out. By working with each of these selves you’re able to push your desire from the dense Physical to the most subtle Divine Plane and then brought back down to manifest in the Physical Plane again.

After you cast your spell and your working is completely done, you want to fully let it go. When you mentally fixate, worry, or stress about your magick and if it’s going to work you bring that boomerang from the Divine level back to the Mental or Emotional, where it loses power and weakens before heading back to the Divine Plane to try to go through the manifestation process again. You are essentially “yo-yo-ing” your desire and making it lose the power that you originally gave the spell which in turn causes the spell to manifest slower, weaker, or not at all. The trick is to completely let go after a spell-casting and completely detach from your desired results.

In my early witchcraft training, I was taught that “To Be Silent” on the Witch’s Pyramid was not just about telling other people about the spell you performed that hasn’t manifested yet so that they wouldn’t affect it’s casting with their mental, emotional, and psychic energy (whether conscious or not). I was taught “To Be Silent” was also similar to the notion of “To Be Still,” meaning to clear your mind and not focus on it—to be silent with even yourself, so that you aren’t unintentionally sabotaging your desire and thus will.

“Purpose takes the edge off pure will; for it implies conscious thought, which should not replace what Nature intends. Work is done best when the mind does not know of it, either to urge or to check its course. The lust of result also spoils work; one must not distract one’s forces from their task by thoughts of the profit of success.

 – Aleister Crowley
The Djeridensis Comment (1923) on AL Chapter I: Will

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