January 27, 2018

Several news stories that I think are of great import that deal with Mormonism, mental health, and current events. The Houston Chronicle came out with a story covering the Protectldschildren.org petition that Sam Young started and that I have supported by offering my clinical expertise to the matter. Mormonmentalhealth.org will be releasing a very sensitive interview with one of the victims who shares her story this coming Monday. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Behind-closed-doors-12524563.php The Church released an important statement in support of protection from… Read more

January 26, 2018

I have yet to have the type of sit down I’d like to have with Josh Weed – to hash out events in the past and miscommunications that led to a collegial chill between us in regards to things he wrote about the Mormon Mental Health Association that were unfounded. We had a chance to briefly meet at Sunstone this past summer and I look forward to more conversations and opportunities where we can build our friendship. It is with a… Read more

January 26, 2018

I know it is difficult for many to hear the information shared at the recent press conference in Salt Lake City in regards to the “protectldschildren.org” petition. We love our bishops. We love our church. We love our youth. It’s difficult in settings we are familiar with (whether in our own family systems or our church communities) to imagine that harm could be taking place. And yet all systems can improve and do better even when they do a lot… Read more

January 23, 2018

I am always amazed at the work people are willing to do within the walls of my office. I especially love when couples come equipped to better their sex lives within the constructs of their experiences, their values, their hopes and their desires within their marriage. This takes extreme amounts of vulnerability, risk-taking and communication within a space that we take great efforts in making safe for each partner. From time to time I’ll share an example of the types… Read more

January 18, 2018

My comments at the Protect LDS Children Press Conference today with organizer Sam Young and Joelle Casteix, the Western regional leader for SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) : As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and one of the few Certified Sex Therapists working within the Mormon community, I have been making public statements about my concerns regarding “worthiness” interviews taking place between adult men and minor children and adolescents behind closed doors for years. When a religious… Read more

January 17, 2018

As we welcome a Prophet and his Counselors to their new leadership roles, I feel it important to bring awareness to the reality that for many LGBT+ members in the Mormon community, this change in leadership may accelerate fear and negative sentiment. Although all in the Quorum of the 12 and First Presidency bear responsibility for the direction our church takes, we know that theirs is a process of seniority. Two of the three in the first presidency are senior… Read more

January 15, 2018

I am honored to have been invited to this News Release. Please consider joining us. Public is welcome.  News Release Protect LDS Children Sexually Explicit Bishops Interviews When:  January 18, 2018    10am What:  News conference Where:   50 West Club & Café located at 50 W. Broadway in Salt Lake City. Event: Protect LDS Children Current status of the Petition:  Protect the Children—Stop Sexually Explicit Interviews of Mormon Youth. Large collection of survivor stories. Announcement of the March-for-the-Children to… Read more

January 13, 2018

I am so pleased to be able to share this letter I received from those spearing an amazing project directly addressing racial issues we still very much need to confront in our own LDS communities. I know very few Mormons would consider themselves “racist.” And yet we consistently hear from members of color ways that they experience microagressions and other issues that are not “micro” in the least. It is not their job to continually point these out to the… Read more

January 13, 2018

When I read this piece, it reminded me of much of the work we do with clients in regards to mindfulness practice…. and acceptance of what is. And how at times, this movement towards exactly what scares us most… what seems to threaten us most… is the movement that offers reprieve, peace, and even survival. Though the author shares her experience in the context of faith transition… the metaphor is applicable to many of life’s unexpected and difficult twists and… Read more

January 8, 2018

I heard of another transgender youth who died by suicide in a small community of Utah. Is the church not aware of the damage they are doing? How can we make a difference as members?  Keeping the conversation of LGBT+ suicide rates within the LDS population front and center is something I am completely devoted to. Dr. Randy Moss does an excellent job of using this powerful scriptural story to draw a parallel to the human sacrifices we are very… Read more

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