June 7, 2019

Some of the most positive events to occur during the month of Ramadan were Black Muslim Iftars, a coming together of Muslims to appreciate Black Muslim experiences and cultures and provide spaces safer from racial bias and anti-Blackness. Layla Abdullah-Poulos wrote multiple pieces and discussed the layers of Black Iftar, what the gatherings offer, and pushback from detractors. Haute Hijab In the Haute Hijab article, Reflections on a Black Iftar – A One-Night Sanctuary from Hate & Microaggressions, Layla shares her... Read more

June 2, 2019

NbA Muslims Staff As Muslims across the globe prepare what may be their last iftar for this Ramadan, we decided to share Laura El-Alam’s descriptions of the different types of people that may be at the table when breaking the fast. The Moaner While The Moaner likely spent the whole day stoically enduring their fast at school or work, their personality morphs once they enter the sanctuary of their home. As their name implies, The Moaner expresses their discomfort vocally, usually... Read more

May 31, 2019

NbA Muslims Staff As Asian Pacific American Heritage Month draws to a close,  NbA Muslims and the Muslim Anti-racism Collaborative is featuring Sylvia Chan-Malik, who is one of many Asian American Muslims doing amazing things. Sylvia Chan-Malik is Associate Professor in the Departments of American and Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, where she directs the Social Justice Program and teaches courses on race and ethnicity in the United States, Islam in/and America, social justice movements, feminist... Read more

May 26, 2019

Layla Abdullah-Poulos I recently had the opportunity to highlight a tenacious problem in Muslim communities—the alienation of Muslims who converted to the faith by those born into Muslim families. Many people who are new Muslims or entered the religion years ago express feelings of stigmatization and alienation, both of which become exacerbated during communal celebrations during Ramadan and Eid. I wrote an article centering Embrace, an ICNA project founded and led by Muslim reverts seeking to provide positive spaces for... Read more

May 22, 2019

Emad Rahim is this week’s NbA Muslims-MuslimARC Asian Pacific American Heritage Month featured Muslim doing amazing things. In addition to his work as an educator, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, the Cambodian-American Muslim author is running for Third District Common Councilor in Syracuse, NY. Rahim’s public office bid demonstrates the increasing venturing of US Muslims into politics to affect positive changes in the lives of all Americans. Rahim was a little boy when he escaped the Killing Fields of Cambodia with... Read more

May 18, 2019

Layla Abdullah-Poulos In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month,  NbA Muslims, in collaboration with the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, will feature Asian American Muslims engaged in progressive work inside and outside of US Muslim communities. This week, we profile entrepreneur Mohamed Geraldez, who is shaking things up in fashion by offering halal menswear. California born and raised, Mohamed Geraldez is an Entrepreneur & Investor in fashion, technology, finance, and food. He has traveled to over 50 countries and by his... Read more

May 12, 2019

Guest Writer – Laura El Alam Ramadan is a blessed month, wherein Muslims around the globe take part in numerous acts of worship and fellowship. Along with the serenity and spirituality the month brings is some observable behaviors one may find among fasters. An important activity in which fasting people engage is suhoor—the morning meal eaten before sunrise. The Prophet Muhammad said, “Eat suhoor, for in suhoor there are blessings.” Every morning, potential fasters rise and behave in ways that range as... Read more

May 8, 2019

  Layla Abdullah-Poulos In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month,  NbA Muslims, in collaboration with the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, will feature Asian American Muslims engaged in progressive work inside and outside of US Muslim communities. Despite inadequate media attention, awareness about the plight of Uyghur Muslims in China continues to grow. the government has imprisoned Muslims in concentration camps and cracked down on obvious forms of worship, including praying, wearing hijab, having a beard, and avoiding pork and alcohol.... Read more

March 27, 2019

  During her historic swearing-in ceremony on Monday, PA state representative, Movita Johnson-Harell became the target of a radical Christian rhetoric by Rep. Stephanie Borowicz during an invocation. In her prayer, Borowicz constantly invoked the name “Jesus,” and praised Donald Trump and his support for the state of Israel. Johnson-Harrell, an African American Muslim woman, said the invocation was, “a political radical statement masked as a prayer. It was offensive to me and my family and my visitors that came... Read more

March 21, 2019

Original Post: Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. To God, we belong and to God, we shall return. On Friday, March 15th, a white supremacist gunman attacked two mosques during jummah congregational prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand. The attacker killed 50 people and injured dozens. Our prayers are with the victims and survivors of the massacre and all people impacted by hate crimes. We join the many voices expressing solidarity. As an organization dedicated to anti-racism education, we are... Read more

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