March 30, 2020

NbA Muslims Staff Self-distancing, quarantine, lockdown, whatever anyone calls it, days couped up in the house can be draining. Limited socializing, lack of access to faith spaces and concern about the well being of family, friends and community takes a spiritual toll. Fortunately, there are plenty of inspirational (inspo) books by Muslim authors sharing their experiences through an array of memoirs and biographies, which offer authors a chance to share their lives and motivate readers drawn to their stories. We... Read more

March 26, 2020

Faced with COVID-19 school closings across the country, millions of American parents seek ways to care for their children at home and make sure they take measures to avoid academic decline during self-quarantine. Muslim authors write children’s books that provide entertaining diverse stories and give young people chances to read and learn about our multifaceted culture. Here is a dynamic list of Muslim children’s books to add to your young one’s diverse library! By NbA Muslims Staff Bashirah and The... Read more

March 15, 2020

Original Post: Haute Hijab By Layla Abdullah-Poulos January not only ushers in a new year but an increased focus on the histories and experiences of people across social intersections. It starts with annual events and national holidays, like the Women’s March and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day in January, then Black History Month and World Hijab Day in February, Women’s History Month follows in March and Malcolm X is honored in May. All of the aforementioned are necessary for... Read more

March 8, 2020

Original Post: About Islam By Layla Abdullah Poulos Authors and readers met Saturday, February 22 in Hartford, CT for the second Black Muslim Reads, highlighting literary expressions of Black Muslims, a unique and dynamic American Muslim subgroup. Sponsored by NbA Muslims and Muslim Girls Read, the event offered poets, writers, and authors of a range of books the opportunity to share their words with a captivated audience. Ustadh Saajid opened with Qur’an recitation and outlined the Islamic significance of writing and writers.... Read more

October 15, 2019

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month,  NbA Muslims, in collaboration with the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, will feature Latinx Muslims engaged in progressive work inside and outside of US Muslim communities. As HHM ends, we feature Nahela Morales, Co-founder of Embrace, an ICNA project supporting Muslim converts/reverts. Morales has traveled the U.S. and Latin America for da’wah and organizes programs that encourage inclusive, supportive spaces for new Muslims and promote increased understanding of Islam for non-Muslim family and friends. Morales shared her... Read more

September 27, 2019

  In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month,  NbA Muslims, in collaboration with the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, will feature Latinx Muslims engaged in progressive work inside and outside of US Muslim communities. This week, we profile Juan Jose Galvan, who has highlighted Latinx Muslims and advocated for appreciation for and inclusion of their unique cultural experiences in Muslim spaces and narratives. Galvan is the editor of Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam and served as the executive director of the Latino... Read more

July 30, 2019

Muslim Arc educational director Margari Aziz and Layla Abdullah-Poulos visited Tariq El-Amin at the Soundvision studio to talk about their anti-racism training, work, and the need for Muslims to learn about the cross-sections of White supremacy, racism, and Islamophobia. After a debate over Chicago versus New York pizza, Tariq, Margari, and Layla address schisms in Muslim communities that make solidarity challenging and racial language seeping into Muslim spaces. Margari talked a little about the need for immigrant Muslims to spend... Read more

June 30, 2019

Editors Layla Abdullah-Poulos Fatimah Abdulmalik Umm Juwayriyah Deadline September 30, 2019 Alhamdulillah, as part of NbA Muslims ongoing initiatives to promote appreciation of distinctive Muslim authorship, we are accepting submissions for the Black Muslim Reads anthology. The collection of poetry and prose is part of our #BlackMuslimReads campaign launched in 2018. The Twitter hashtag went viral its first year, flooded with pictures of books written by Black Muslim authors in the United States, United Kingdom, and across the globe. This... Read more

June 29, 2019

Original Post – About Islam Publishing and multimedia company, Omera productions, have launched their 2019 Summer Reading Challenge to promote literacy over the months that American children are out of school. Every year, educators and parents seek ways to prevent significant learning loss that many children experience over the summer recess. Commonly known as summer slide, it includes up to twenty percent losses in reading gains that require re-learning them the next school year. “As educators and parents, we realize the importance of... Read more

June 9, 2019

NbA Muslims Staff Hadi Shakuur asked for Islamic books that included Black people, and the comments section of his Facebook post exploded with titles. Black Muslim authors continue to create books featuring Black Muslim children characters and families. When asked about books featuring African American Muslim children, founders of Omera Productions, Dr. Kimberly Harper & Robyn Abdusamad explained: Our core objective is to provide African American and African American Muslim Children with positive images of themselves in books and multimedia as... Read more

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