It’s Okay, Josh Duggar Is An Alleged Pedophile, But He’s Not Gay

It’s Okay, Josh Duggar Is An Alleged Pedophile, But He’s Not Gay May 22, 2015

1.  At first, when I read this, I automatically assumed Josh was/is the victim of child molestation.  When a kid is 14 and molests his sisters, you can almost automatically assume he was molested as a child.  A huge red flag is waving in my face when I learned that one of Jim-Bob’s formerly good buds is doing a half century in the big house for child pornography.  Don’t worry, I’m not ruling any of this out, at this time.


2.  The Duggars are disciples of Bill Gothard who is one of the most sexually repressed perverts out there.  And – he is a documented pervert. Young people who are raised in his truly disgusting educational programs don’t have access to real sex education, let alone television, or the other normal things a normal family has, like various and sundry publications which would satisfy the growing curiosity of a young Josh Duggar who lives in a household where his parents are constantly – well you know – in order to have way too many children.  Curious, he doesn’t even have access to a National Geographic to satisfy his normal curiously.   His normal curiosity about the anatomy of the opposite sex would have been declared ‘dirty’.

But, to read the Twitter feed, the guy is filthy evil.  Now, these are the same individuals who defended Kaitlyn Hunt, are damning Josh Duggar.  I am far from defending him.  I think it is sad and disgusting what he did, but he did not stalk, nor commit statutory rape.  BUT…. there is one difference, a striking and profound difference.  Kate Hunt portrayed herself as a victim against the very organization Josh Duggar once represented.  Where he made his very big mistake was not being gay.  His other big mistake is the fact that he comes from a ‘Christian’ family.  Granted, they are kooks, and I don’t think they believe the same things as I do, but he’s openly a Christian.  Ergo, he should be and will be destroyed for being a Christian and anti-gay.  He worked for a hate-group.  He is pure, dripping evil.

Yes, there is a glaring double standard here.  I suspect the sins of Josh Duggar are far less than those of Kaitlyn Hunt, but we don’t know right now.  I also suspect both were molested as children.  With the Hunts, pick one from Column A or Column B.  With Josh Duggar, the monster in the closet is far more insidious.  Sure a young person can do what he did out of abject curiosity, but, let’s be honest here, this guy was most likely molested as a child. Having been molested by my third grade principal, my heart aches for what I think happened to him.  BUT – he did not need to act out and join the ranks of abusers.  That’s the question.  Did he abuse?

His parents abused the system.  They manipulated it.  His father was friends and confided in a man who is going to spend the rest of his life in prison for child pornography.  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  So am I.  Social services should have been brought in to evaluate the family.  They were not.  Instead, like all good little patriarchal Bill Gothard brainwashed cultists, they went to the elders of their church.  No, this is not where I begin ranting about the tip of the iceberg pedophile scandals which have yet to even surface within the Baptist and Evangelical communities.  Instead, let’s just think about how Bill Gothard controls the Duggars.  He is literally the most powerful person in this country’s history.  His agenda is now the agenda of the GOP.  It is an agenda of narrow-minded, heretical perversion of the teachings of Christ.  And yes, I suspect the person the Duggars called in to deal with their sinner child was Gothard.

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