Duggar Family Round Up: Zika, Babies and Robbery

Duggar Family Round Up: Zika, Babies and Robbery February 17, 2017

intouchThere’s been a lot of news happening on TLC’s Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar family, but rather than post a lot of small pieces I decided to just do one long post instead. Get it over with, just like when you might have to take a whopping dose of castor oil when you were a kid. Lots of little sips will gag you, better to swallow a heaping tablespoon full at once.

So what’s happening in America’s First Family of Quiverfull?

Jessa Duggar Seewald and husband Ben had their second boy, Henry Wilberforce, mere hours after she was spotted at a Superbowl party. The same unlicensed doula who attended her first birth attended her, but this time things went smoothly and Jessa did not have to be transported for excessive bleeding.

For those of you interested there is the newest issue of People magazine with a four page spread of photos and anecdotes about the birth. Jessa is looking very glamorous for someone that gave birth four days before. There’s nothing in the article that you cannot read online at People.com.

Sister Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick have been posting requests for more missions funding after announcing that their baby will be a boy as well:

After returning home for a short period, we are excited to announce that we are now returning to Central America!

We are excited to be back to the work our hearts love so much. From the early stages of our lives, the Lord has put a deep love and care in both of our hearts for all peoples of the world that they would come to repentance and put their hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

We hope you’ll consider partnering with us in this mission. In addition to the ministry outreach expenses, there are always monthly expenses for groceries, utilities, fuel, healthcare, etc. We have always purposed to live a frugal lifestyle and continue to do so in the mission field. When you give a donation to our ministry, you are helping our family cover living expenses to be able to remain on the field and helping reach so many precious lives.

The Dillards go on to claim that they will be returning to the states so that Jill can give birth. I’m guessing that a lot of the donations are going to go towards air travel back and forth. Yesterday the Dillards posted photos from the airport on their Instagram accounts, seemingly indicating they are on their way back down to El Salvador.

But here’s the thing that no one is discussing anywhere about the Dillards returning to Central America – the dangers of the Zika virus for pregnant women especially. Just because the American media is distracted with the doings of our new president and not mentioning it any longer does not mean it’s not a real problem still in Central America. Two weeks ago when I was in Central America I encountered signs with Zika warnings in both English and Spanish many different places – at the airport, the bank, the post office and just randomly in places like the grocery stores. There is no way that the Dillards can pretend they know nothing about the dangers considering it’s being pushed just about everywhere in Central America. Why take that type of risk?

Interestingly enough the more vocal Dillard/Duggar fans online are insisting that the Zika virus is not a real thing and not a threat. This has to be because the media has dropped the story.

Josh and Anna Duggar released a statement to Fox News debunking last week’s allegations by In Touch magazine that Anna was planning to divorce Josh.

But on a humorous note Springdale police shared this photo and a description of a robbery on Facebook, leading many people to point out that the suspect looks a lot like Josh Duggar. See for yourself. Not saying it is Josh, but it is ironic that a larger guy that looks like him is in that area stealing from ladies purses. Screen cap from Facebook:


Expect more of these Duggar news round up posts as they are continually popping up in the media to promote their television show ‘Counting On’. Keep in mind that the lawsuit against Josh for using someone else’s photos on OKCupid and Ashley Madison starts on February 27th. It will be covered here.

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