The Duggars: The Most Grifting Family in America Keeps Grifting

The Duggars: The Most Grifting Family in America Keeps Grifting May 18, 2017

joshannaShameless money grab by the Duggars – most grifting family in America or truly seeking justice? Today it was announced that the four sister-victims of Josh Duggar – Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy, are suing all the various law enforcement and state agencies that released the information on Josh’s doings to In Touch magazine. In Touch is also named in a separate legal action.

The official Duggar mouthpiece is claiming that the sisters are asking for damages against all these agencies and In Touch because –

“In a statement, the Duggars said they’re only suing to protect all children who are victims of abuse.”

Could it also be that the Duggars are still bent out of shape that their show “19 Kids and Counting” was cancelled in the wake of the reveal?

The ladies are claiming that all the discussion of their family in the aftermath ‘victimized’ them. Might be hard to prove that in court considering their parents conspired for years to suppress the problem even as TLC was airing the first few Duggar specials.

Other Duggar news:

Looks likely that Joy Duggar will be getting married this weekend in Arkansas.

There’s also been a baby registry that has been opened recently for Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo that’s being shared online. No official announcement.

Isn’t the trial of Josh Duggar supposed to start soon? Josh is being sued for using the photos of DJ Matthew McCarthy on his Ashley Madison accounts. Towards the end of May if I remember correctly.

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  • Sarah

    This family equal parts horrifies and fascinates me, but i agree they are profressional grifters! When it comes to this lawsuit filed by the girls, i have to stand by them, although I think they’re doing it for the publicity and money, if course.

    There should never have been any identifying information released. Someone’s palm’s were greased, for sure, but their privacy–such that it is–was violated. (Hell, for all we know it was family who helped get it out there!)

  • Emilie Bishop

    Yeah, I guess it’s harder to admit that the real blame lays with their parents and the cult they’ve been raised in. This is the most ridiculous “shoot the messenger” move I’ve ever seen. Also, funny how they’re doing it two years after the fact, just as the final Duggar victim is days from her wedding and the other three are married. Do they really believe it would hurt their marriage prospects too much to come forward by name before they’ve secured an engagement ring? What a pile of crap. These women deserve proper counseling and this is what they get instead.

  • Mel

    Yes, their marriage prospects within the cult would be shot.

    In the real world – of course not! But the Duggars live in a particularly mean-spirited cult that values female virginity above everything.

  • Mel

    Since we’re worried about “all victims of abuse”, does that mean the sisters are splitting the award from the civil suit(s) with the other girl Josh molested?

    I’m not a lawyer, but it will probably come down to a close reading of exactly what the statutes of Arkansas are about releasing information about childhood sexual assault victims vs. FOIA. The government officials can probably make a decent case that redacting the names of the victims and abuser was the only way to stay legally within the bounds of FOIA.

    And, bluntly, if the Duggar parents were better at keeping their damn mouths shut, we’d have never gotten much farther than “so was it Josh or John David” and “there were 5 girls in the family at that point with four accusers….”

  • Mel

    I also doubt they will get any sort of a settlement from the press. In Touch obtained the records legally through FOIA and published a story of interest about a celebrity family that boasted of a squeaky clean lifestyle. FOIA requests are very much a “you win some, you lose some” gamble that In Touch won.

    The government – that’s harder to say. Like I mentioned before, there are conflicting statutes involved plus the whole sovereign immunity issue.

  • Emilie Bishop

    That’s just insane. One of my pastors said that he believed many OT laws were set up to stop fertility worship (abstaining during a woman’s period or postpartum, no temple prostitutes, etc.). It astounds me how the most fundamentalist Christians who denounce those very laws end up worshipping reproduction in the same way.

  • guerillasurgeon

    Biggest grifters? I’d have thought the duck dynasty people but 6 of one…

  • paganheart

    At least Duck Dynasty is off the air, finally. The Duggars, however, continue to soil cable TV through their resurrected show. There’s even talk of Josh coming back to the program, despite all the protests and boycotts.

    Ugh…Chris Cornell is dead, and every wretched Duggar still walks the earth… that might just be proof that there is no God. (Although Roger Ailes died today too, so there’s that…)

  • Adrian

    (Although Roger Ailes died today too, so there’s that…)

    Ding dong, the witch is dead?

  • guerillasurgeon

    “They say you should only speak good of the dead – Roger Ailes is dead – good.”

  • SAO

    This is the American way, prostitute yourself for fame, use the fame to cash in. How did Trump go from being just one of a number of NYC real estate developers to president? By shamelessly seeking any media attention he could get. It helped he was in a city with tons of talk shows, which always need guests and he could show up at the last minute if there was a cancellation.

  • Aloha

    I’m torn on this. Their information should never have been made public. But it seems like there might be a better way to respond to that tragedy.

    Suing the government and police strikes me as suing an orphanage or old-age home. It’s suing a venerable institution whose job is to protect us. If they made an error, it might be better to forgive, in this case. They could still use their fame for activism in improving the system and speaking out against sexual abuse.

  • edolphs

    From what I remember the police consulted the attorney’s office before releasing. JB outed the names, the press didn’t.

  • BlueVibe

    “In Touch magazine”


  • Nea

    How Trumpian of them. “It’s not the crime that’s the issue! It’s that people dared let anyone know that a crime was committed!”

  • Nea

    That’s the thing. In Touch only mentioned the criminal. It was the family that verified the identity of the criminal AND outed the girls.

  • Sarah

    Whew, excuse my awful spelling last night! Nighttime meds had kicked-in!

    Didn’t the report say something about siblings being molested?

    When it all happened, I was so disgusted but not a bit surprised. Josh always had the creepy vibe to him. I’m curious to see how the lawsuit against him is going to play out!

  • Mel

    The reports said that at least three siblings were molested but based only on reading the redacted reports the best I would have been able to say was that:
    1) One older girl had been molested, remembered it, and saw a younger sister be molested.
    2) One older girl had been molested according to Josh, but that girl didn’t remember it.
    3) One younger girl was molested the time the older girl saw.
    4) One younger girl was molested a second time that Josh admitted to.

    Incidents 3&4 may have happened to the same girl based on the reports alone.

  • Mel

    The problem for the government entities is that they are bound by certain laws. The local government was hamstrung between a state statute requiring protection of sexual assault victims identities and the Freedom of Information Act. The redacted report was the only way I can think of that kept them within the legal bounds of both.

    A first gut reaction would be to say that FOIA should never release any reports involving minors – but that leaves a huge loophole that could be used to shelter government officials who are complicit in the abuse of children.

    In reality, the Duggar parents outed their children far more than the reports did. Josh’s name was fully redacted as were the names of his sisters. If the Duggars had kept quiet – or involved a lawyer right off the bat – Josh’s ID would have been revealed possibly but not the names of the sisters. If Jessa and Jill hadn’t been asked to defend the whole damn family on national TV, we’d have never figure out which of the older girls had been molested.

  • Aloha

    Good points.
    It’s probably also true that guarding identities is nearly impossible in family crimes. When John commits domestic violence, we know who got beaten. When Stacy is arrested for child abuse, we know which kids were abused.

  • theresa

    Anything to keep the cult family from having to hold real jobs, I guess . Grifters gotta grift. And that’s what this cult family is all about. Money is their Lord and Savior.

  • SAO

    On the other hand, sometimes tabloids figure the sales from an explosive scoop will more than recoup the cost of a settlement. I suspect the Duggars can be bought off for relatively little.

  • Nea

    It’s not like any of them knows how to do a job that would pay for a family that large, and now TV has given them champagne tastes like private planes and massive houses.

    The oldest kids likely remember what it was to be a huge family with not enough money.

  • Emilie Bishop

    Also, does this mean Jana isn’t a victim, or is she “required” to stay quiet for the virginity police? I had thought that based on the birthdates in the reports that she was a victim, and she also said some things in the first episode of “Counting On” about being afraid to trust men that made me think she’d been a victim and it hurt her more than anyone realized. Either way, as the oldest daughter, she must have been deeply affected, yet she’s not getting any of the cash that the marrieds are. Slighted again.

  • AFo

    The girls SHOULD be suing their awful parents for doing absolutely nothing to protect them, and then forcing them to go on national TV and say that being molested by their brother was no big deal. Jim Bob and Michelle are truly a special breed of monsters.

  • Anonyme

    My thoughts exactly. The Duggars are blaming the media, yet they turned around and dragged two of the girls onto ‘The Kelly File’ for a likely rehearsed interview where said girls stated that they forgave Josh, as if they’d say anything else, privately or for the entire world to see. I don’t blame the kids so much as I blame Jim Bob and Michelle, who made a spectacle of their family instead of letting the kids grow up without cameras in their faces, covered up and excused what Josh did, and then were outraged when the secret was uncovered. And rightfully so (about what Josh did to his sisters and the babysitter, not getting pissy about being exposed), that showed there would at least be some consequences for lying and refusing to do anything.

  • Anonyme

    Love it.

  • AmandaRoddy

    Jana was not a victim as far as we know.