The Duggars: The Most Grifting Family in America Keeps Grifting

The Duggars: The Most Grifting Family in America Keeps Grifting May 18, 2017

joshannaShameless money grab by the Duggars – most grifting family in America or truly seeking justice? Today it was announced that the four sister-victims of Josh Duggar – Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy, are suing all the various law enforcement and state agencies that released the information on Josh’s doings to In Touch magazine. In Touch is also named in a separate legal action.

The official Duggar mouthpiece is claiming that the sisters are asking for damages against all these agencies and In Touch because –

“In a statement, the Duggars said they’re only suing to protect all children who are victims of abuse.”

Could it also be that the Duggars are still bent out of shape that their show “19 Kids and Counting” was cancelled in the wake of the reveal?

The ladies are claiming that all the discussion of their family in the aftermath ‘victimized’ them. Might be hard to prove that in court considering their parents conspired for years to suppress the problem even as TLC was airing the first few Duggar specials.

Other Duggar news:

Looks likely that Joy Duggar will be getting married this weekend in Arkansas.

There’s also been a baby registry that has been opened recently for Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo that’s being shared online. No official announcement.

Isn’t the trial of Josh Duggar supposed to start soon? Josh is being sued for using the photos of DJ Matthew McCarthy on his Ashley Madison accounts. Towards the end of May if I remember correctly.

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