Part 1 – Trey Orders You to Provide Marital Sex on Demand?

Part 1 – Trey Orders You to Provide Marital Sex on Demand? July 20, 2017

Treyby Trey, infamous toxic commenter, at Lori Alexander’s The Transformed Wife – Making it Easy For Your Husband to Not Lust

Editor’s note: I swore after I posted about cheating husbands and 16 year old brides this week from Lori’s site that I would refrain from quoting her the rest of the week. That was before I saw her more ridiculous shameful male poster (teaching men, are you Lori?) was given his own bully-pulpit. He’s claiming that women giving sex upon demand, enthusiastically in exactly whatever fashion  the Mister decides is the only way to turn off male lust.

Wait one cotton-picking minute here! For years we’ve been hearing, including hearing it copiously from Lori, that men are so weak and animalistic that the merest hint of female buttocks or breasts or other body parts automatically defrauds a man into those boner demons of lust. Which is it? These people cannot even keep their theology straight from day to day.

It is possible for a Christian man to train himself and his eyes to not look at and lust after another woman but I will tell you the best way that a wife can help her husband to win in this never ending battle. By being obedient to scripture, she actually can make it easy for him to not be tempted to look at and lust after other women. If she is disobedient to the scripture, she makes it much more difficult for him to win this battle. Wives, you were created to be a helper suitable for your husband. Here is one of the primary ways that you were created to help him.

A wife should absolutely make it one of her highest priorities to keep her husband 100% sexually satisfied at all times. She should do this by visually pleasing him (your husband takes pleasure in seeing you in various states from all the way clothed to completely naked and every way in between), physically satisfying him (sex in all of its lawful forms), and emotionally nourishing him (your arousal, participation and response). All of these are critical. Your husband should sexually want for absolutely NOTHING…. ever, as long as you are not Providentially deterred (injury, sickness, etc.).

By doing this, you will make winning this battle (against lust) for your husband infinitely easier (almost effortless in most cases). Failing to do your “duty,” will make your husband’s life much more difficult (miserable).

Recently I was in Nicaragua, near San Juan Del Sur, and on the taxi ride back to the border we encountered two large dogs fornicating in the middle of the road with other animals, people and traffic flowing around them. I find Trey’s words many times on Lori’s postings to be just about as useful, appropriate and meaningful as those two dogs in the road. Stay tuned for the rest of his ideas on sexuality. My husband and I laughed and pointed at the strange sight of the dogs with everyone around them ignoring it and acting like this was normal. Hopefully most folks will pay about as much attention to Trey’s ideas as the people around the dogs did, none at all.

I’m sorry, I cannot stop laughing over Trey’s ideas.

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