Quoting Quiverfull: Doctors and Nurses Want Death Not Healing

Quoting Quiverfull: Doctors and Nurses Want Death Not Healing August 9, 2017

quotingquiverfullby Tim Bayly from Out of Our Minds – What is Bloodlust?

Editor’s note: Bayly has moved his blog from his Bayly Blog to a section on his Warhorn Media. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the Charlie Gard situation, a baby with a rare disease with not many treatment options, pitting the parents against the doctors of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. It was a difficult situation that ended badly. Bayly took a break from declaring men that like ballet, musicals and other things he deems effeminate are going to hell to write and post a number of rants about the tragic situation of this child. Very puzzling why he would be so triggered.

I have to wonder why he’s making these claims about doctors and nurses as it’s been my experience having a child with a rare illness that everyone we ran across in the medical field and at the research hospital that the desire and actions of everyone involved was towards healing, not death.

In the case of the Great Ormond Street Hospital doctors, I spoke of their bloodlust because many doctors today desire death. The abortionist, obviously; but also the hospitalist who browbeats his patient’s family into accepting increasing dosages of morphine so vital functions will be suppressed and his patient will not live as long. The nurse who fights the family’s request for a feeding tube because she wants the patient to starve to death—not die of natural causes.

Why would we accuse some hunters and all serial killers of bloodlust, but not doctors and nurses? Personally, I’m not of the opinion that deception has anything to do with it. The Apostle Paul was deceived and, standing there guarding the cloaks as Stephen was killed, he both considered himself to be doing a service to God and, along with his wicked compatriots, he satiated his bloodlust (Acts 7:58).

Maybe I’m wrong to call it “bloodlust,” but it’s my observation that the world is filled with men and women—including especially hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses—who love death. What is that but bloodlust?

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