The Nauglers – Blessed Little Mess and Drama

The Nauglers – Blessed Little Mess and Drama August 12, 2017

Screencap from The Blessed Little Homestead
Screencap from The Blessed Little Homestead

Do you remember the Naugler family of Kentucky? They are the family that ended up temporarily losing custody of their children in a dispute with CPS.

The issue was that the children were living in a three walled shack built of plywood and cinder blocks in the cold winter of rural Kentucky where temperatures routinely dipped into the 20s and 30s. The property that the family lived on was strewn with garbage, broken glass and human waste. State investigators decided that the situation was hazardous to the health of the ten children and removed the children from the home.

While the Naugler parents falsely claimed they were being targeted for being homeschooling family they must have at least complied enough to regain custody after dealing with the issues. They cleaned up the lot and put a pre-fab cabin on the land.

So what’s happened to the family after they fell off the media radar? Turns out it’s quite a lot. This morning I was sent a couple of links to the Nauglers and was rather surprised at the drama and good Christian Martyrbating going on in the family blog. They are fighting with their neighbors and constantly fighting with people online. There have been restraining orders, face-to-face drama with those in their community and lots of very bad behavior. Plus CPS has been back due to complaints of deteriorating safety conditions again on the property.

The Naugler’s blog reads like a paranoia manual of martyrbating. Which leads me to ask these questions: Why all the martyrdating when they could just concentrate on whatever it is they do? Do you think that the more extreme lifestyles and/or religions appeal more to the mentally unbalanced than to the average person? Why engage in all the drama?

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