Quoting Quiverfull: Too Much Time in Peer Groups Bad For Children

Quoting Quiverfull: Too Much Time in Peer Groups Bad For Children September 25, 2017

chickensby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – Uncommon Common Sense

Editor’s note: Michael makes a number of suspicious claims on this article on parenting. While it is harder to parent when you have either a substandard parent, or an abusive parent because there’s no one to learn it from it’s not as impossible as Mr. Pearl describes.

Every spring, we go to the Co-op and buy a new batch of chicks. They have been hatched in an incubator and are only a few days old. When you look down in their box you notice that they are all grouped according to age and size, and usually grouped according to sex. They grow up with their peers. They remind me of children in a school yard or grouped in a day care center. They learn to compete and survive in this prefabricated social order. It is not like the old barn yard where the chicks followed the mother hen around looking for something to eat. The new way is much more efficient. Where efficiency and an abundance of eggs is the goal, it is definitely progress. It is a fast new world, you know.

The only problem with this new way is that the young chicks who grow up without a mother’s care have lost the natural instinct to be mothers themselves. It is rare that one of these modern egg layers will devote the time and energy to sit on their eggs and care for young chicks. They are too busy with their own fulfillment to care for the brood.

I think there are thousands of young couples struggling to raise their brood, but somewhere in the former generations the knowledge of the simple “how to” was lost. For many of you raised in a classroom and nursed on TV, being a parent does not come naturally. You must imagine what parents should be like.

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