Encouraging Your Husband – Be a Slave?

Encouraging Your Husband – Be a Slave? December 7, 2017


I’ve taken a month long break from Nancy Campbell’s book ‘How to Encourage Your Husband’ by the commenters on Above Rubies her website. I was not entirely sure if I would continue it, or if it would be possible under the new changes to Google and the changes with their SEO rules.

But I cannot abandon this book halfway through when it’s filled with childish babbling and simple things many of us do without Nancy standing over us with a plumbing line switch insisting we grovel and behave like slaves. Most of us manage encouraging our spouses with dignity and without debasing of self. Not all of Nancy Campbell’s commenters are capable of that.

Today’s comment is by a lady that thinks all of her husband’s ideas are just so wonderful and she has to do them all instead of perhaps only doing the ones she wants or are practical. It reinforces the toxic trope that whatever the man wants he gets no matter how much it puts a woman out.

He Knows BEST!

I asked my husband how I can best encourage him because I thought he would know best! He answered, “By loving on me, hugging on me, speaking nicely to me, making biscuits and corn bread for me and looking sexy for me”

Notice that this list is not reciprocal in the least, plus all of the things he requested are all actions that touch his senses of hearing, feeling, eating and looking. I’m not even sure what he means by ‘loving on me’?

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Rub His Head!

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