Women Cannot Do Important Things?

Women Cannot Do Important Things? December 8, 2017

Lori Alexanders Brain

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is trying to legitimize her fear and distaste for the world of working women by claiming that women have never created, done or made any serious contributions to the work world and world in a post titled ‘Upset That Their Husbands Act Like Men’

The only thing true and worthy of paying attention to this entire screed denigrating any woman that dares work and/or have standards for her husband’s behavior in the home is Lori’s claims that husband should not have to read their wives minds. I’ll agree with that as I discovered very early in my marriage if I had expectations or even a few needs it was futile and childish to expect him to pick u on my hints. I finally learned if I was upset, or if he needed to do something for me, or a host of other actions that all I had to do was tell him in a logical manner without losing my mind and snapping it out, mad that I had to tell him about something he should have known. It’s just easier to baldly state what needs to be said without ugly emotions, or slavering false compliments over a man like he’s an emotional cripple that needs careful handling.

The part of Lori’s post that makes me gag the hardest after reading her bashing of feminism and trying to silence women’s needs is this:


How did Lori miss all the hoopla over books and films like “Hidden Figures” and the celebrations and notices on Facebook and other sites with facts like these:

  • The creator of Kevlar is a woman Stephanie Kwolek. Her invention has saved countless military and law enforcement lives.
  • British scientist Rosalind Franklin was the first person to discover the helix shape of DNA.
  • Texas lawyer Barbara Jordan, the first Southern African-American woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Marie Wilcox, who worked tirelessly for seven years to create a very special dictionary preserving the nearly extinct Wukchumni language.
  • …and so many more, from Marie Curie to the women who created computer coding in the early days of computers, to World War 2’s Rosie the Riveters pitching in while the men were at war, and to the future where it’s considered the norm for a woman to be a scientist, an architect, a builder, or anything else that is their passion.

There’s nothing wrong with being a wife and stay at home mother, if, if that’s your heart’s desire. What is wrong about all of this is insisting that there are strict gendered roles that only allow one possible future for a woman.

I love a good dirty martini and a few pickled quails eggs as an evening aperitif. I love it. But….. the insistence of only one role for women would be like me going around screaming into a megaphone that everyone must have one martini and two or three pickled quails eggs before dinner or they would be damned by the Lord to go to hell. I know that everyone has different inclinations and what works for me might be wrong for someone else. That’s the beauty of the freedoms we have in the United States. Lori dislikes freedom of choice over anything for women and wants to silence all dissenting voices. I think it has more to do with her own fears and phobias than any professed faith in God. What do you think?

moreYou can read more of Lori Alexander’s crazy blaming ideas below

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