Is Lori Alexander’s Blogging Ministry Meek and Modest?

Is Lori Alexander’s Blogging Ministry Meek and Modest? December 4, 2017

Lori Alexanders BrainI only have one q-uestion today. Does any of the below screengrab from Lori Alexander’s blog The Transformed Wife at all sound like what she is doing with her blog posts. Is she meek and humble or fit any of the descriptors she puts in this paragraph?

Or is her ‘ministry’ posts more of a ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ type situation.

Too many times we’ve seen her openly attack other female cultural enforcers, or other female teachers. Recently she’s gone after Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore, both of whom don’t have the same attitude of tearing down other teachers to elevate themselves, like Lori and her ‘ministry’ does.

Lori2‘Godly’ women do not tear other women down for any reason, but especially for having a slightly different variation on their understanding of the Bible. There’s nothing ‘Godly’ in threatening to spank women wearing thongs, or fat-shaming children or telling women who are hurting from abuse to stay with their abusers.

This isn’t the only excretory thing to come from the mind and fingers of Lori Alexander this week. She’s ranting about how modesty and beauty are linked, that you cannot have one without the other and please God (Lori) all at the same time. But instead of simply saying God likes modesty and beauty Lori makes it all into an opportunity to toss rocks at others. Take a look:

Lori3People will dress for climate, needs and comfort has been my observation. Example – yesterday morn after my daily three mile morning walk on the beach I swung by the church my husband now attends in Tamarindo to pick him up. It was already over 90 degrees and the church is open-aired and not air conditioned. Guess what the majority of the women in the congregation were wearing. If you answered shorts and sleeveless tops you’d be right, clothing chosen by the three things listed above.

Yes, I know that would give Lori nightmares. I didn’t notice if anyone was wearing a low cut top or tight yoga pants, but then again my mind is not so focused on police forcing and judging the clothing choices of others.

Lori also touched upon unthankfulness after claiming that divorce is just like a traumatic car wreck in how it damages people. She didn’t write the car wreck analogy, she simply lifted it from the book ‘Night Light’ by James Dobson and written by Gary Smalley. Oh, borderline plagiarism! You have to look hard to see her link to where you can purchase the book.

The unthankfulness piece was rather breathtaking in that action Lori does so well – making non-sequiturian leaps from lack of thankfulness and ‘vain imaginings’ to the evil (in her mind) that is public schools.

Lori4She compared public schooling to a strip club and an abortion clinic!

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