Boys Cannot Sit Still For Class – Questioning the Pearls

Boys Cannot Sit Still For Class – Questioning the Pearls December 3, 2017

QuestioningthePearlsAnother completely wrong-headed and infuriating piece on how to best homeschool boys. Michael Pearl’s answer to the simple question  from their (likely fake) mailbag boils down to let them scream, run around and behave wildly. He even tries to claim that little girls are sedate, quiet and completely compliant.

Guess that’s because little girls in his culture learn at a very young age that they are silenced and will get the hose/plumbing line swatted hard on some part of ther body. Michael’s generalities on the differences between the sexes sounds like something out of an etiquette book from 1797, not 1997.

Somehow I doubt he’s changed his old fashioned ideas on gender roles in the twenty years since he wrote this.

Screengrab from No Greater Joy:

Michael1So Michael has never heard of female athletes in competitive sports, like Venus and Serena Williams or the WNBA or countless other sports stars that just happen to be women?

There are females practicing in each of those fields he mentioned too. Educate yourself Michael and at least go see the film ‘Hidden Figures’. WOMEN did the math that got the U.S. space program to the Moon.

So how does Mr. Pearl advocate making little boys buckle down and cooperate in school? He mentions that wild animals playfully attack their adults and that boys cannot sit in a classroom because it’s like a cage.

Michael2Fifteen minutes of instruction time with play and rough housing in between. Public schools are much more than eight hours sitting at a desk. There’s a couple of recesses, a lunch hour, P.E. (there’s your physical activity), art, music, and many different subjects and activities. Most public schools and teachers know that they have to keep the education varied to hold the attention of boys and girls.

His ideas on how to teach boys isn’t necessarily so bad, but his assumptions about girls and what happens in public school is insulting and boorish.

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