Bruce Gerencser’s Black Collar Crime Series

Bruce Gerencser’s Black Collar Crime Series December 2, 2017

CulpeperBaptistIf you think physical and sexual abuse in the church is a very rare thing I would suggest you go over to former pastor Bruce Gerencser’s blog – The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser and take a quick read through his Black Collar Crime Series. He’s been chronicling the abuse from publicly available news sources, posting whenever he runs across a new case.

It’s a complete compendium from Buddhist to Mennonite to Catholic and Independent Fundamentalist Baptist and beyond. Abuse in religious communities is not a Catholic or IFB problem, it cuts across all denominational lines. It’s quite overwhelming how many of the clergy are involved in sex crimes. Here’s what Bruce had to say about his series:


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Pray For Bruce Gerencser

Bruce Gerencser was an IFB pastor for over twenty five years for congregations in Ohio and Texas. He and his lovely wife Polly live in Ohio surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Their recovery from years of spiritual abuse is a work in progress just as it is for all of us.

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  • SAO

    The thing I’ve been thinking of is the downside for the women accusing these men. Suppose you are doing well, you’ve got a great job, you’re going places, making a name for yourself. You are working with a man who will be appointed Supreme Court Justice, you got a position as White House intern, you got a modeling gig with a famous film director, or you got a spot on a prime-time TV show. You probably worked hard to get where you are.

    Now, if you are subject to sexual harassment and you make a stink about it, maybe you won’t be believed, you’ll just be seen as a trouble-maker, too sensitive or something. Your career isn’t going to go anywhere.

    But maybe the stink goes nationwide. Maybe you take him down. In the mean time, you’ve become national news and you’re not going to known for the brains and hard work that got you where you were in contact with a man of national stature, are you? What do people think of when they hear the names Samantha Geimer, Anita Hill, Monica Lewinsky? Your career might just tank.

    Or you can keep your mouth shut and find a graceful way to say the obvious — keep your dick in your pants.

  • Atheisticus

    Really? That’s it? “Keep your dick in your pants”? You think that has any effect on the one with power over your job?

  • swbarnes2

    I don’t think anyone ever claimed that Monica Lewinsky was harassed.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    She was by the general public after it came out she had a consensual sexual contact with Bill Clinton.

  • SAO

    Monica might have had consensual contact with Clinton, but the case in which she became notorious was about sexual harassment. Had the contact been nonconsensual, the result would have been the same. Unlike Paula Jones, Monica had connections, brains and a degree. Those got her the internship at the White House, those could have taken her quite far in Washington. Being the star of the Starr report put a kibosh on that.

  • SAO

    There’s a huge range of harassers and a huge range of situations. Weinstein would probably have retaliated against women who didn’t appreciate views of his privates. Al Franken probably would have shrugged shamefacedly at women who expressed dislike of being patted on the bum.