Chapter 4 Serena’s Serenity – Let’s Cook!

Chapter 4 Serena’s Serenity – Let’s Cook! October 15, 2020

Chapter 4 of Jill Rodrigeus sister Lisa Moravak’s whiny book Serena’s Serenity. We left Serena punishing the twins, Blaire and Claire, for the great baloney sandwich rebellion! We start with Serena saying this:

“She hoped this job wasn’t some sort of test regarding her character.”

Laughing and on the floor here. Sweetheart, every single moment in life is a character test. Will you act like a petulant child, a immature teen or an adult? Will you do the right thing or go full booty pirate Euron Greyjoy from “Game of Thrones” and behead everyone in your path? This is just one of those things that has nothing to do with God.

Please don’t be like Euron!

Barb, the housekeeper, is away at the doctors office, leaving the ingredients out for a meal. Serena decides to cook the meal, some sort of chicken, rice and canned salty soup casserole like thing, and gets the girls to help out.

“She hoped the girls noticed how she respected the belongings of their home.”

Oh brother! More worrying about what others think. It’s pretty clear what Serena’s character really is.

Serena explains cleaning after they mix the rice, soup and chicken and put it in the oven. The twins oh so joyfully join in the kitchen cleanup. Then she has then set the table as Mr. Huff arrives home.

Newsflash: This is NOT brain surgery or rocket science. This is how most families I’ve seen operate. Teaching the children through day to day living that everyone has responsibilities.

Serena finds out that Housekeeper Barb is now hospitalized for a few days and immediately begs to be the housekeeper too while Barb is out. not one mention of how sad this is, or exhibiting any concern for Barbara at all. Just immediately focused on herself.

The next morning there is a vehicle snafu and Carl and Serena are down to one car. Serena runs to her friend Mrs. Kenaston to beg her to carpool to work. While there at Mrs. Kenaston’s employer’s home she has serious crazy envy again and we get this:

“It baffled her as to how people could come up with the means to pay for college, medical school, nice cars and extravagant houses and still afford all the furniture and accessories. She couldn’t even have an inexpensive new couch or table from a department store. If she and Carl were choking under the bondage of debt while living very frugally, how much more must the higher classes be silently strangling.”

Oh my! She mentioned class of people, something that is not supposed to be a thing in America, while assuming all that education does not translate into higher wages. This woman is ridiculous.

Serena whines to her friend how unfair life is that she’s working with those two bratty baloney-tossers instead of her own twins. Mrs. Kenaston gently reminds her she signed up for this nonsense, that she shares in Christ’s sufferings. Translation: Stuff happens, pull up your big girl panties and deal with it.

Serena runs into Mrs. Huff again, and lists all the stuff she envies about Emili in her mind again before praying loudly for Mr and Mrs Huff’s day. The twins look on in awe. And we’re out.

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