Homosexuality Linked Only to Sexual Culture?

Homosexuality Linked Only to Sexual Culture? December 6, 2017


We’re going to continue on looking at the words of pastor Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog in his series based on a fictional correspondence with a Christian homosexual. There’s not much ‘Christian’ in Wilson’s words, but it is profoundly word salad like, making it as hard to follow as many of his writings are.

He put this series aside for a few weeks to relentlessly blog in defense of Alabama candidate for Senate – Roy Moore. Yes, Doug Wilson is another one of those people willing to dismiss the possibility that Moore might be a serial sexual predator of young teenage girls because of Moore’s self-professed Christianity. It’s a disgusting position to take in light of the recent reveal of the large group of famous men as sexual predators. I’m not seeing a fervent defense by Wilson of Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey or any of the others. Only Roy Moore.

Back to the topic at hand here, a pastor with links to white supremacy groups, who has married a teenager to a sexual predator of children and supporter of the insupportable spewing out what he thinks homosexuals need to do. Why he is so concerned with the sexual identification and behavior of strangers is still a mystery to me.

Wilson starts his letter by claiming that the American Puritans were not as pure and uptight as imagined. Going so far as to claim that they were the continuation and embodiment of the notion of courtly love first started with knights and maidens fair in the high medieval period carried to a good Christian extreme.


Way to toss in that Fundamentalist Christian trope of if you’re doing marriage and faith right your children will build a great civilization. The only evidence of what happens to adult children in Doug Wilson’s flavor of fundamentalistic Flavor-Aide supports just the opposite. Look at the children of people like the Pearls and others in their movement. No education and no success there, just lots of poverty and dysfunction.

But I digress. While I don’t disagree with Doug that the Puritans were not a pure as historians make them out to be, just look at the birth rates of babies born earlier than 9 months after marriage in that culture and tell me someone didn’t figure out how to make love around, up or under that board in the bed using in bundling. There’s nothing to support his notion that they fulfilled the notion of courtly love. Pure fantasy and extrapolation on the part of Wilson. How this relates to homosexuality is even less clear.


Great, a bashing against safety in relationships, cautiousness and sensitivity with the added bashing of teachers restraining the more aggressive behaviors of some boys. It does not relate in any way to the Puritans.

Next Wilson explains sex, the only sex he believes in and it’s pretty awful. He does not even attempt to wrap it in scripture, it’s just his shouting about culture again:

doug3and finally we see where he’s going with all of these parts that do not necessarily fit together smoothly.


Sorry, but you cannot just ‘decide’ to be whatever sexuality you are. It’s not like picking a puppy or a cup of coffee. Desire cannot be dictated by the mind. You cannot legislate desires away, as many communities battling drug problems have learned. When you fight against human desires you’re going to lose.

He is right about one thing here, in an quoted piece Doug bemoans that the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians are losing ground in this particular cultural fight. Good. Love is greater than hate every time.

moreRead more of Wilson’s dressing-less wilted word salad

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