Homosexuality Linked Only to Sexual Culture?

Homosexuality Linked Only to Sexual Culture? December 6, 2017


We’re going to continue on looking at the words of pastor Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog in his series based on a fictional correspondence with a Christian homosexual. There’s not much ‘Christian’ in Wilson’s words, but it is profoundly word salad like, making it as hard to follow as many of his writings are.

He put this series aside for a few weeks to relentlessly blog in defense of Alabama candidate for Senate – Roy Moore. Yes, Doug Wilson is another one of those people willing to dismiss the possibility that Moore might be a serial sexual predator of young teenage girls because of Moore’s self-professed Christianity. It’s a disgusting position to take in light of the recent reveal of the large group of famous men as sexual predators. I’m not seeing a fervent defense by Wilson of Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey or any of the others. Only Roy Moore.

Back to the topic at hand here, a pastor with links to white supremacy groups, who has married a teenager to a sexual predator of children and supporter of the insupportable spewing out what he thinks homosexuals need to do. Why he is so concerned with the sexual identification and behavior of strangers is still a mystery to me.

Wilson starts his letter by claiming that the American Puritans were not as pure and uptight as imagined. Going so far as to claim that they were the continuation and embodiment of the notion of courtly love first started with knights and maidens fair in the high medieval period carried to a good Christian extreme.


Way to toss in that Fundamentalist Christian trope of if you’re doing marriage and faith right your children will build a great civilization. The only evidence of what happens to adult children in Doug Wilson’s flavor of fundamentalistic Flavor-Aide supports just the opposite. Look at the children of people like the Pearls and others in their movement. No education and no success there, just lots of poverty and dysfunction.

But I digress. While I don’t disagree with Doug that the Puritans were not a pure as historians make them out to be, just look at the birth rates of babies born earlier than 9 months after marriage in that culture and tell me someone didn’t figure out how to make love around, up or under that board in the bed using in bundling. There’s nothing to support his notion that they fulfilled the notion of courtly love. Pure fantasy and extrapolation on the part of Wilson. How this relates to homosexuality is even less clear.


Great, a bashing against safety in relationships, cautiousness and sensitivity with the added bashing of teachers restraining the more aggressive behaviors of some boys. It does not relate in any way to the Puritans.

Next Wilson explains sex, the only sex he believes in and it’s pretty awful. He does not even attempt to wrap it in scripture, it’s just his shouting about culture again:

doug3and finally we see where he’s going with all of these parts that do not necessarily fit together smoothly.


Sorry, but you cannot just ‘decide’ to be whatever sexuality you are. It’s not like picking a puppy or a cup of coffee. Desire cannot be dictated by the mind. You cannot legislate desires away, as many communities battling drug problems have learned. When you fight against human desires you’re going to lose.

He is right about one thing here, in an quoted piece Doug bemoans that the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians are losing ground in this particular cultural fight. Good. Love is greater than hate every time.

moreRead more of Wilson’s dressing-less wilted word salad

Thanksgiving Sex

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  • Tawreos

    I wish I could make him feel how much his tired way of “thinking” hurts and damages actual people. I have probably said this here before, but I grew up in small highly religious town in a family that was at church every time there was anything going on. I grew up “knowing” how evil and wrong homosexuality was. I also remember the terror it caused when I realized I was having feelings for male classmate. I remember how hard I fought for the next 10 years against those feelings. I remember the drugs, and the alcohol and forcing myself to have sex with women to try and cure myself of this “evil”. I also remember the suicide attempt when I realized nothing was going to succeed. I eventually started to come to accept who and what I am and life started to get better. I still bear the scars from those ten years. Those years have made it hard to truly open up to anyone and have a real relationship because keeping things hidden became as natural as breathing. Wilson thinks that it is just that I have suffered because of his god. I would love for him to explain to me how my sexuality in anyway relates to his worship of his god. Like I said, I wish he could the pain and suffering I went through as well as the pain and suffering of those that had it and still have it much worse than I did. I doubt he would be tough enough to handle it.

  • Annerdr

    No one has to be taught to obey their “double helix”. That doesn’t even makes sense. If homosexuality were unnatural, it would be vanishingly rare. Instead it’s incredibly common. Consequently, it’s more likely that some people’s double helix requires them to prefer homosexuality.

  • Almost a chimp

    It’s hardly surprising that Wilson is backing Moore, they’re old buddies if I’ve got the right Doug Wilson.
    If Wilson is he of the Vision Forum, then he served with Moore on the faculty of its Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy for at least a decade, and Moore and Wilson are two of the four co-authors of a curriculum aimed at homeschoolers titled Law and Government: An Introductory Study Course, which argues in part that women should not be allowed to hold public office. Ed Brayton wrote about this recently.

  • bekabot

    What is this about “your fathers, the Puritans?” I’m descended from the Puritans (on my mother’s side) but most people aren’t descended from the Puritans on any side at all. So does this Doug Wilson blaa not apply to any of those people (lucky souls that they are)?

  • bekabot

    O Lord, how I love research.

  • Mel

    That’s a crazy word/history salad.

    The Puritans were the cultural descendents of the Middle Age knights?

    Male-male sex is an abomination – but apparently lesbians don’t exist? (Or do lesbians exist when society becomes too aggressive?) T

    he Puritans were highly-sexed – and we have the legal proceedings on rape, immoral proceedings and babies born outside of wedlock to prove that they were as far from the “marriage before sex” ideal of CP/QF as we are.

  • Tawreos

    They can’t shun lesbians for two reasons. 1. they love lesbian porn and feel guilty if they bash lesbians. 2. they just “know” that their penis could set any lesbian straight.

  • Ruthitchka


  • Freodin

    It’s this beloved american legend that America/the USA is based on the Mayflower Puritans… and no one else.

  • Lucy

    Funny. I’m also descended from somebody on the Mayflower on my mom’s side. And, ain’t that curious? On my mom’s side, I’m also descended from members of the British royal family, via illegitimate kids who defected to the New World (when it was still called that). But, I’m actually neither Puritan nor royal, and my dad is Jewish, and therefore one of my royal ancestors, King Richard (you know, the “good” guy in the Robin Hood story) killed people who were Jews, and therefore of the same ethnicity as several of my dad’s ancestors to celebrate his coronation, which means that, let’s just say that’s one royal ancestor I wouldn’t be having over for dinner anytime soon – really, ancestors who would kill their own descendants due to ethnic origins the ancestor disapproves of would make terrible party guests. To say the least.

    Lucky my dad’s Jewish ancestors were not English, because if they were, maybe one of the ancestors on my mom’s side (King Richard, perhaps?) would have killed one of my ancestors on my dad’s side and I wouldn’t even be here writing this tongue-in-cheek comment.

  • smrnda

    On the competitive, aggressive nature of males, this is certainly not universal, and whether these are virtues or problems depends on the society. If you’re looking to find soldiers and civil servants for an expanding empire, these virtues are celebrated provided they’re done in the approved way. In some contexts, these are frowned upon. How ‘competitive’ and ‘aggressive’ where medieval peasants?

    Also, weren’t the Romans and Greeks of antiquity pretty competitive and aggressive, but yet (accurately or not) they are held up as examples of sexual license by people like Wilson?

    With a culture being concerned with caution and safety, isn’t this just a culture that isn’t self-destructive?

    In terms of any ‘increase’ – it isn’t like homosexuality wasn’t around all the time, just the level of acceptance varies.

  • bekabot

    Personally, I find it an odd affectation in a man who owes what cultural currency he has to the civilization which started in Jamestown and not to the civilization which started in Boston. Doug Wilson is part of the Bewegung which began with the Chesapeake landing, not the landing at Plymouth, so properly, he’s the heir of the Cavaliers and not of the Puritans. (As can be observed in his behavior, because however he feels about the matter personally, he’s a front-man for the Cavalier preference for very young girls: it’s something he’s enabled in his own life, and he’s fairly good friends with a man who demonstrably shares it.) So, like I said, I find his setting-up of the
    Puritan Fathers as role models rather peculiar; however, that’s just me.

  • bekabot

    Anybody who investigates their family tree (as opposed to their mere DNA) will discover a nest of snakes; I guarantee it. (I’m also pretty sure, on the basis of what you’ve said here, that you and I are somewhat related, for whatever that’s worth.)

  • LeekSoup

    “…the relationship between a man and his woman…”

    That possessive pronoun says so much.

  • LeekSoup

    Competitive aggressive males are an absolute menace to everyone, including most other males.

  • I know, I noticed the same thing!!!!

  • SAO

    Wilson’s thesis seems to be that because something is “natural” it is good and approved by God. But things that are natural are things that have evolved to be successful. Most people don’t think that evolution should guide their actions and Wilson actively says God should, not evolution.

    And, let’s note that there are so many things that are natural that we categorically reject. Lice and tapeworms spring to mind. Measles, Tuberculosis, and Polio.

    You could argue that it’s unnatural to wear clothes, but I doubt Wilson endorses running around with nothing but a fig leaf in a summer heat wave, although there’s clearly a biblical model for that.

  • SAO

    The first African-American was born in 1624 in Virginia. The first child of European descent was born in 1620. (If you are not counting Virginia Dare, born in 1587 in Roanoke, a settlement that was completely wiped out, no survivors). In short, African-Americans came to the US at the same time as the Europeans.

    Since slaves were in the colonies from the beginning and the first settlers were mostly men, people of mixed race also existed from colonial times. Since most of them were slaves with a strong motivation to escape slavery, anyone who could pass as white did. Several of the children of Jefferson and Sally Hemmings did. Therefore, if you can trace your ancestry back to colonial days, you could have African ancestry.

  • Joe

    “Blog and Mablog”

    Much as I think I will dislike this person, I have to hand it to him for that blog title. And here I was thinking Evangelicals were a humourless bunch.

  • Illithid

    Having stared down my own suicide (from the same motivation) I maintain a deep core of loathing for the lunatics who think sexuality is a sickness, or a sin, or any of that bull. I try not to let it get to me, to stay calm and rational and nonstressed, but it’s always there.

    I like to think that they’re just ignorant of the pain they cause. I want to believe that. Sometimes I can’t.

  • Joe

    Christian arguments about what is “natural” are wildly contradictory and inconsistent.

  • Carstonio

    Abandoning an admiration of masculinity increases homosexual desires and temptations? WTF is too mild of a term. For any gay men reading this, am I safe in assuming that you find masculinity attractive? If so, Wilson has it backward.

  • Tawreos

    I think many of them know, but they think that telling us they are saying things out of love on occasion makes it OK for them to act like hateful jackasses

  • Carstonio
  • AFo

    His lines about the loss of masculinity in the culture are very telling. Alpha-male type douches like him were in charge for a long time, and now that they’re losing ground, they’re in a panic. Doug, no one is saying that masculinity itself is a bad thing; toxic masculinity, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. Forcing men into a certain role and telling them that they must act a certain way to be “real men” is not helpful to anybody. The fact that you see this very simple concept as an attack on all men says more about your own insecurities than anything else.

  • Anonyme

    I’m sorry, I’m too busy laughing over “obey your double helix” to fully absorb the level of vitriol in Dougie’s rant.

  • Falconlights

    LMAO!! My double helix is about as lesbian as it’s possible for a double helix to be!

  • Falconlights

    LMAO! Me, too. This Doug guy is totes crazy!

  • smrnda

    Definitely true, and even some of the ideas for safe ways to channel that aggression – like sports – turn out not just to be physically dangerous, but also, tend to breed toxic subcultures.

  • Falconlights

    i’m still laughing.

  • texassa

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these perverts are full-on obsessed with sex.

  • Karen the rock whisperer

    Re: Greeks and Romans… the city-state of Sparta was known for the ferocity of its warriors, as well as its overall military capabilities. Among those warriors, homosexual relations were common. Most of those men had wives back home, but wives were for making babies. Wives were also useful for raising daughters, and raising sons until they were old enough to be sent off to the military academy (which was pretty damned young, definitely pre-adolescent). A man’s emotional support came from his male lovers.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I interpreted that as being about the fact that some schools now have zero tolerance anti-bullying campaigns– which occasionally include sexual harassment under their aegis. Wilson’s butthurt about the fact that “boys will be boys” is no longer considered am acceptable reason to allow white Christian boys to commit micro- and macroaggressions against their female, non-white, and gender-nonconforming classmates.

    99% of the Religious Right seems to be about White Privilege and Male Entitlement Culture. There’s not much Christ in their Christianity.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I wonder what he’d do about genetically-male individuals with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome? Or people with both XX and XY cells in their body? (It’s rare, but it happens.) Or people with Klinefelter’s Syndrome, whose XXY genome subsumes both the XY and XX genotype, and whose gender identity and anatomy can range from cisgendered male to cisgendered female and everything in between?

  • Astrin Ymris

    I think in the Wilsonverse, “masculinity” is code for “entitled bully”.

  • Astrin Ymris