Doug Wilson Uses Thanksgiving to Focus on Sex, SEX, S-E-X

Doug Wilson Uses Thanksgiving to Focus on Sex, SEX, S-E-X November 24, 2017

WordSaladIt definitely was not my plan to feature disgusting Idaho white supremacist and pastor Doug Wilson, at least until tonight as my turkey-stuffed self waddled up to the computer to look at content for NLQ. This is the first time I’ve seen Thanksgiving used as an excuse to expound about sex in all its permutations.

I hope this does not make people nauseous on the heels of this holiday but this is pretty stomach turning. Plus it’s his usual Twister gamed mish-mash of ideas and word salad without many links to each other. His expository pieces never work and they read like ‘If a train leaves Cleveland at 2 am how much to apples cost?’ You cannot just segway into another idea willy-nilly and think it works. He tries to link lack of gratitude with sexual sin. He writes of his ideas in a piece named Unbelief and Pumpkin Pie.

Unbelief_and_Pumpkin_Pie_Blog_&_Mablog_-_2017-11-23_20.17.20One of the most awkward and false conclusions in a season filled with claims that sexual abuse of others does not matter, followed by his assertions that it only matters if you’re not his particular flavor of faith. On Thanksgiving Day I was privileged to witness different people of different spiritual realities giving thanks a variety of ways in different places, and there was no talk of sexuality in any form. Nor should there be!

It seems that the message of God’s grace and mercy that the Pilgrims, and their guests the Native Americans, came together to celebrate that first Thanksgiving is completely unknown to this man.

We expect there will always be tensions at the family Thanksgiving tables between people. Politics, religion and other sticky subjects can make for awkwardness between many, but lust, orgies and other sexual subjects do not belong. Wilson is purposely trying to be as disingenuous and provoking as possible. This is a man that has married a sexual predator to a child, spoken out in favor of white supremacy and seems to be altogether too worried about the sex lives of others.

Turkey and indigestion.

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