Doug Wilson Says Men Cannot Help Sexually Assaulting Women

Doug Wilson Says Men Cannot Help Sexually Assaulting Women November 19, 2017

WordSaladOne thing you can count on with Doug Wilson is that unlike Lori Alexander he never seems to run out of hateful ideas to wax on about. Today he’s claiming that the Pence Rule is for the protection of those helpless womenfolk that keep having awful guys from grabbing their vaginas and possibly raping them.

I hear you ask, ‘So what is this Pence Rule you keep yammering on about like a mad woman?’It’s simple and it’s pervasive in many different faith communities from the most fundamental through evangelicalism. The rule is this, if you are a man you are never alone with a woman who is not your wife and if you are a woman you are never to be alone with man.

Why? Because there might be inappropriate actions and possibly lead to sex. Its based upon the notion that men cannot control their sexual urges, that they are no better than beasts when it comes to sex. It assigns both blame and the role of a morals cop to every women to keep her pure. Skirt short enough to display your knees and you get groped or raped? Under the ‘Pence Rule’ it is your own fault for leading a man on by showing too much skin and being alone with a man. It presumes a number of disgusting false ideas.

The rule was explained to me by my ex pastor many years ago as necessary to protect the reputation of each person, so that others. particularly atheist others, would have no basis to gossip or accuse. Even then I thought it was a disrespectful farked up rule.

  • Women do not like sex or initiate it ever if they are ‘good’ girls.
  • Men are unable to control their sexual urges.
  • Men are little better than beasts, needing to rut the nearest female when confront with something that turns them on.
  • Men are weak and need women to police all their interactions with the opposite sex.
  • Women are objects that exist primarily for the use by men for their sexual pleasant
  • That consent does not matter.
  • It assumes that every man is a likely sexual predator.

I know I’ve missed a few dear readers but these are the ones that spring to mind while reading Wilson’s word salad that keeps circling around to use this flawed logic as the reason women should not go to college. Which leads to another series of questions. What the heck kind of college did Wilson attend and what happened there? Did he hang around with the sexual assaulting frat boys in an ‘Animal House’ scenario or did he have an experience underclassmen life like Andrew Lohse author of “Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy” (not for the squeamish – good book that’s a hard read)


Dumb frat boy high-jinks aside, Doug claims that if you are a female college student that you have a 1 in 4 chance of being raped or assaulted. His numbers are off by a little. According to RAINN your overall chances of sexual assault across all students is 11% and female undergrads have a 23% chance of being sexually assaulted. Interestingly enough if you are a college-aged female who is not going to school your chances of being sexually assaulted go up by 20%. If that’s the case why isn’t Wilson citing those figures and ordering you to go to college to reduce  your risks.?

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