‘Aunt’ Lori Alexander Says Her Faith Shares Nothing With ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

‘Aunt’ Lori Alexander Says Her Faith Shares Nothing With ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ November 20, 2017

HandmaidenYesterday I saw that people on the Facebook list Lori Alexander Undeleted were discussing a new post from The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander. Lori is upset that people on various message boards, like the comments here and the Free Jinger board, started calling her ‘Aunt’ Lori for the Aunt and enforcer characters in the Hulu series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

If you haven’t seen this excellent series I urge you to give it a chance. It feels too real in many respects if you look at our government and the things going on in the current administration, an administration that the Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelicals have fiercely latched onto. It could happen here, given our president’s pandering to the extreme right. Would it be so far-fetched that if the current scandals of President Donald Trump take him down that Mike Pence, promoted to president would immediately seek to enforce his Evangelical Quiverfull vision of the law?

When I first read the book back when it was first published I thought it was fanciful fiction with no chance of it ever happening. I think now it’s a distinct possibility.

Lori’s denials are making me scream with laughter this morning because her rigid theology, vague threats and illogical rules are just like what the Aunts who train the handmaids are exactly like. She’s using a cover image of the book with her odd-looking favorite font superimposed on top. Here are a few screen caps of her words:


Actually she is just like the Aunts in the book and show. Skip the movie version is you watch this because it’s not as detailed or horrifying as the Hulu series. In the Hulu series starring Elizabeth Moss the Aunts are merciless cultural enforcers, punishing those that do not get with the program. How many times have we seen Lori espouse extremist and poisonous ideas stridently? Her lack of mercy to a wife posting on her Facebook page about a desire to commit suicide. The multiple times Lori insisted that a wife stay with a cruel husband, or a husband with significant addiction issues. Her hateful words toward those who aren’t rail thin. Her insistence that her ways are the only right and righteous way to do life.


Handmaiden1Lori is right about one thing in her above paragraph, she’s not part of a cult. She’s the head of a cult instead, insisting that no other female cultural enforcers with the exception of Debi Pearl have any wisdom. Recently she openly attacked Joyce Meyers, one of the more mainstream and less awful women teaching in Christianity. We’ve seen Lori attempt to discredit or shut down any other woman teaching women for a long time now. Cult leaders cannot take any sort of competition.

Handmaiden2There is no ’12-step scripted group chanting’ in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ either. Group chanting alone does not a dangerous cult make. No one chanted in Charlie Manson’s family either, but they took the lives of as many as 30 people on the orders of Manson. Manson used scriptures to teach and manipulate his followers, and Lori is doing the exact same thing even if she’s not handed out Buck knifes and murder plans.


Absolutely there is ritualized violence in the teachings that Lori pursues and teaches. Michael Pearl’s ‘To Train Up a Child’  – a book Lori openly promotes tells you that you must start beating your child starting at around six months old or he will be rebellious and lose his/her salvation. Many of the things she orders her followers to tolerate with a smile in their marriages while may not be physical violence are emotional violence, financial abuse, or spiritual abuse. There is a lot of ritualized abuse going on in her version of Christianity.

handmaiden4Spoken like a true Aunt. The Aunts in the book/movie/series are the unsmiling enforcers and, to me at least, that’s exactly what Lori’s ‘teaching’ is like. Clearly Lori’s knowledge of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ was merely a quick glance at the Wikipedia page. Again another thing that Lori’s misunderstanding of might harm someone else that follows her. Do not follow Lori Alexander, unless you are some sort of martyr. Her ideas don’t even start to line up with the words of Jesus.

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