The FLDS Homeless Mothers and Children Grows

The FLDS Homeless Mothers and Children Grows November 18, 2017

Girls GIFTS 25May17This past spring shortly before Mother’s Day NLQ SASBN member Cindy Kunsman wrote a series of blog articles, several of which were republished here about the hundreds of families being evicted from their homes in Short Creek.

The evictions started in the Spring, and most of those evicted are households that are headed by abandoned FLDS women with their large families. Most of the men have fled, many are in jail or hiding ever since leader Warren Jeffs was arrested and convicted. Other arrest warrants were issued for many of the male members of the UEP leadership. As a result there are many families without a working father, with no means of support, or skills to hold a job or survive outside of the cult.

Some of these families losing their homes have as many at twelve different women married to a single man with large numbers of helpless children in the mix. Winter is coming and while there are far fewer women and children in tents there is still a deep need for decent housing. Many are sheltering in RVs and makeshift dwellings made of shipping containers. Many have completely left the community they’ve lived in their entire lives, losing everything they own in the process.

According to a new article out in The Guardian, a paper in the United Kingdom and one of the first legitimate media sources to cover this story the lack of help and skill set of those let behind is fueling poverty, homelessness and despair.


The support system run by the FLDS church is gone and social services are being stretched to the limit in a society that is deeply suspicious of outsiders that they’ve been taught are evil and seeking to harm the FLDS. Adding in the problem is that there are groups saying that they are trying to help the women that are now fighting among themselves, or requiring the mothers to repent from being FLDS or Mormon before they will help. There are good legitimate people and organizations on the ground helping, but there’s a tremendous amount of survivor wars going on between some people and groups. If you feel lead to help please contact Cindy Kunsman and she can steer you how best to help at her site Under Much Grace.


More on helping ease this crisis from Cindy Kunsman at Under Much Grace:

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How is it that CNN and most of the national news sources have ignored this tragedy but can always find space for sex scandals and ridiculous tweeting by our president? This is just another case of powerless women and children suffering because of the religion of their men.

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