Accepting Homosexuals Spiritual Abuse?

Accepting Homosexuals Spiritual Abuse? November 18, 2017

Tim Bayly uses the wrong horn as an emblem for his new blog. No war horn, this is what the hunt master blows at a Fox Hunt.
Tim Bayly uses the wrong horn as an emblem for his new blog. No war horn, this is what the hunt master blows at a Fox Hunt.

Pastor Tim Bayly, a man of such poodle-like nervousness about his masculinity and sexuality that he constantly carps on effete men. has a new book out. How can you tell? He starts relentlessly pushing on one of his websites. Right now he’s over at Warhorn Media with a blog titled Out of Our Minds. Somehow that blog name seems much more fitting than the old one, The Bayly Blog.

The book’s title is “The Grace of Shame” and if the clips Bayly is posting up at Out of Our Minds are anything to go by it seems like the central theme of the book is that he believes that those things he thinks are sins should make people feel shame. That our world is suffering from the lack of embarrassment and shame that used to come into place when the rules of society are flouted.

Yes, he’s eager to shame people, to make them feel bad when they’ve screwed up. Top of that list seems to be sexual behavior and in particular effeminate men and homosexuality.  Being masculine and non-gay seems to be something that Bayly focuses on with a laser intensity.

The latest post at his blog is a mixed message of reaching out to convert the gay community to Jesus, but he goes on to say that the church should not just ‘giggly’ accept gays, but to make sure they don’t go back to their old ways of sodomy. He does not come out and say to ‘shame them’ openly, he just makes ridiculous claims that not keeping them on the straight and narrow of church membership and heterosexuality is the same as spiritual abuse.

A screencap from that blog post:

The_Grace_of_Shame_leading_the_effeminate_and_gays_to_repentance..._-_Warhorn_Media_-_2017-11-17_17.50.17I’ll agree that a lot of what’s in this article and Bayly’s theology reads like something a Pharisee might write,  but not loving acceptance of others of a different anything.

The title of this chapter/article is “Leading the Effeminate and Gays to Repentance” Tim loves to toss in anyone that does not line up to his own strict fear-driven version of what a man should be with those of a different sexuality.

Tim’s definition of “Spiritual Abuse” is pretty strange. His insistence that others feel shame an work through their shame by repentance with his follows guiding them. watching them and making sure they don’t deviate from that too narrow path sounds like spiritual abuse from here.

One of the many facets of spiritual abuse is this: “any act by deeds or words that shame or diminish the dignity of a person”, which sounds exactly what his book seeks to do, spiritually abuse others.

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