Tim Bayly Says Feminism is a Revolt Against Adam?

Tim Bayly Says Feminism is a Revolt Against Adam? October 13, 2019
Now this is what a genuine War Horn looks like. Not that English Hunting Horn for calling the hounds that Bayly likes to pretend is a War Horn. From Etsy

Yesterday’s post on the cry baby men of Pulpitandpen.org screeching about  effeminacy leads us right to Tim Bayly. Today Bayly is busy making some of the same assertions as Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife regarding the roles of women, and feminism. Same old, same old. I’m grateful he’s given gay bashing a break for a change. Tim Bayly says feminism is a revolt against Adam. Oh knitta please! Head cry baby is upset that some women think he’s not their head.

Bayly starts with all of Lori Alexander’s favorite clobber verses, before talking about how only Adam had to take the full brunt of God’s wrath and the blame for eating the apple because Eve was as a servant or slave to Adam.

Then he goes here:

Oh, please! You know if there was some way to blame a woman for anything Bayly and others would go there immediately. As to the Bible being written by only men there is zero proof of that, plus women in that day generally had very little formal education, scant reading and writing beyond the figuring of costs and recipes. No one really knows. No concrete proof of authorship.

So.. let me get this straight. Bill Clinton cheats and you blame it on feminism?

I feel like Bayly just pulled out the Twister mat and assumed an odd position here. His words on the private, yet public, tragedy of the Clintons have nothing to do with feminists, feminists tearing down marriages or anything else. He just wanted to bash a Democrat. Nary a word about our dear president who has cheated on all three of his wives, sometimes with each other.

Feminists did not make either Bill Clinton or Donald Trump cheat on their wives. How is it that Bayly thinks that feminism breaks up marriages? Is it because a woman with some self respect is not going to tolerate endlessly the bad behavior of some man? As an aside, the Clintons are still married. Trump is on wife number three.

Well lookee here! One of Lori Alexander’s supporters is ranting about the evils of feminism while promoting ‘White Christian Men’. Sweetheart, not everything in the world was created by white Christian men.

Feminism – the Evangelical Quiverfull Boogieman under the bed terrifying the masses for no reason.

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