Three Ways to Contribute to the Displaced Children of Short Creek

Three Ways to Contribute to the Displaced Children of Short Creek June 4, 2017

Boys GIFTS 25May17by Cindy Milot cross posted from her blog Under Much Grace

Editor’s note: I don’t know if you are aware of the desperate situation for the mothers and children of Hildale and Colorado City (known as Short Creek), but they are being evicted the only homes many of them have ever known rather unjustly. There are children and mothers, mostly penniless, some now living in tents on scrub land or crowding in with relatives. The state of Utah has caused the situation by the way they’ve handled the UEP (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints – Warren Jeffs) lands in a state-run trust. Victimized by a religion and a culture, now being victimized again by former members and the state of Utah, this situation has gotten almost no press, certainly no national media attention. You would think that over a thousand suddenly homeless women and children would at least rate a mention on CNN or another news network and cries of outrage from the public, but so far nothing.

There are videos embedded below Cindy’s post that show the depth of this tragedy.

For the past month, mass evictions of residences and other communal buildings in the Twin Cities of Hildale, UT and Colorado City, AZ known as Short Creek have rendered hundreds of people displaced and homeless with no funds and nowhere to go. Two weeks ago, the estimated number of evicted persons was projected to reach 1000, some of whom where able to find alternatives. Many were not and have no funds to acquire any housing. I understand that the pantries used by families there were also due to be evicted as well as an elementary school.
If you would like to help, 
currently, there are three 

Contribute Gifts:

  • Send a Care Package: Grab your kids and gather up new and used items for a child to brighten their day and to help keep them occupied during such a stressful time. Second hand items are welcomed.
  • Order Needed Items Directly from Retailers: If you find a good deal on care package items through a retailer, you may be able to allow them to package and ship a package for you. For example, offers very reasonable prices on basic art supplies, and orders over $25 ship for free.
Contribute Money to the Relief Fund: 
  • This is great if you don’t have time to shop or mail a care package but what to help provide help. (I still have a Christmas gift that I haven’t sent yet, so I can relate. I understand that the money that is collected will be used for care packages for children.
Items can be sent to:
     Operation Short Creek
     P.O. Box 84084
     Hildale, UT 84784

Thank you for helping to make a vital difference in the lives of these children.  Families are deeply moved that people are interested in their welfare.

Cindy Kunsman’s Mothers Day Series on the needs of the women and children of the FLDS.

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Cindy is a member of the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network.

Cynthia Mullen Kunsman is a nurse (BSN), naturopath (ND) and seminary graduate (MMin) with a wide variety of training and over 20 years of clinical experience. She has used her training in Complementary and Alternative Medicine as a lecturer and liaison to professional scientific and medical groups, in both academic and traditional clinical healthcare settings. She also completed additional studies in the field of thought reform, hypnotherapy for pain management, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is often associated with cultic group involvement. Her nursing experience ranges from intensive care, the training of critical care nurses, hospice care, case management and quality management, though she currently limits her practice to forensic medical record review and evaluation. Most of her current professional efforts concern the study of manipulative and coercive evangelical Christian groups and the recovery process from both thought reform and PTSD.

She blogs at Under Much Grace and Redeeming Dinah.

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