Christian Domestic Discipline – Kinkiness is Okay But Please Don’t Wrap Your Kinks in Bible Pages!

Christian Domestic Discipline – Kinkiness is Okay But Please Don’t Wrap Your Kinks in Bible Pages! June 4, 2017

quotingquiverfullby Anonymous from Christian Domestic Discipline

Editor’s note: The old Christian Domestic Discipline site was mentioned in the comments here at NLQ so I went to see if it still exists. Not only does it still exist but the site has been heavily edited. A lot of things that were posted years ago at CDD have been scrubbed off the site, including the explanations of the types of spankings. Thank the deity of your choice that the Way Back machine and other collections of weird stuff erased off the web still exists.

“Not all domestic discipline relationships use spanking as the only consequence or even as a consequence at all. Some couples prefer other punishments; such as, writing lines, corner time, and grounding. Some couples pair these other punishments with spanking. “

Play spanking is usually light and without much pain for the submissive partner. It is sometimes referred to as a “good girl spanking”.

Maintenance spanking is a bit more serious. It is usually administered at regular intervals in the relationship and its purpose might be to punish small infractions over a period of time, remind the submissive to behave, reinforce roles in the relationship, remind the submissive of harsher consequences should they misbehave, and allow the feelings of dominance and submissiveness in the relationship. It is a real spanking, though not usually as harsh as a punishment spanking.

Punishment spankings (or discipline spankings) are the most dreaded of the three. Given for an infraction or misbehavior by the submissive, they are usually severe and cause a substantial amount of pain. A specific type of punishment spanking that is considered the most severe of all is called AAAC, or Avoid At All Costs. This is a spanking that is severe in nature, causes great distress and most usually tears for the recipient, and is crafted to be memorable and cause deep regret in the heart of the submissive. Even submissives who claim to “like” to be spanked usually say they do not like punishment spankings, which are sometimes called “bad girl spankings”.

Now they’ve gone sort of underground even if there are a few links that they’ve come up with we’ve not seen:

Their Facebook page

CDD Crotchless Bloomers store linked in their Facebook page

One of their spanking fan-fiction tales websites where you can buy and download tales of being Spanked For Jesus with erotic overtones. It seems kind of sick.

While you should be able to do any crazy thing you enjoy without interference, like wear crotchless Civil War era bloomers no matter what others think, as long as it’s consensual and does not harm others in the bedroom please do not try to wrap up your particular flavor of fun up in Bible pages and try to pretend it’s somehow ‘Godly’. This is just sexual preferences using poorly twisted Bible passages in an attempt to make it seem righteous. It’s no more right or wrong than any other variety.

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