Nancy Campbell Orders You to be Content Yet Again

Nancy Campbell Orders You to be Content Yet Again November 25, 2017

You just do not know how tempted I was to put as the title “It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose.” from the film “Silence of the Lambs” whenever Nancy Campbell writes ordering all women to stay home, eschew all education and have as many babies as possible.

I was expecting her to do a Thanksgiving post and make it about being thankful for the blessing of the womb or piles of babies. She just ordered women to be thankful in general. Not that there’s anything wrong with being thankful even if her list is a little strange with things like ‘Thriftiness’ and ‘Hospitiableness’ (Is that even a real word?)

She’s currently veering back to her no jobs/no education/no leaving the home to work/ no moods or negative emotions allowed hobby horse. I hated this worst of all during my years in my old church, this insistence that you do not not only own your own emotions, but you deny them, nothing but constant joy allowed. Sure, you can think positively, or try to control your emotions, but doing it day in and day out, never being allowed to ever have an off day or genuine expression of anything less than joy is one of the quickest ways to find yourself in a deep depression.


Sometimes not accepting the status quo is the very thing that propels people into making needed changes. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to challenge the boundaries or shoot for more. Even in Christianity or your faith moving towards something better isn’t wrong.

That’s the thing that Nancy never acknowledges, that there are no hard and fast rules beyond the Ten Commandments. Don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t kill. Nancy and other Quiverfull female cultural enforcers like Nancy Campbell, like Debi Pearl and like Lori Alexander, love to add rules, must do’s and control via emotional denial.

There’s nothing wrong with having a full range of emotions, good and bad. Having emotions is not a sin, nor is having some negative emotions. It’s how you deal with your emotions that can be a problem. Repressing them is the worst thing. Having negative emotions isn’t the same are self-pity, groaning and complaining like Nancy tries to claim.  Just don’t get stuck in only the negative.

There’s nothing wrong with education either, no matter if you have a career, a part time job or you chose to stay home. It’s going to benefit you no matter what sphere you find yourself in. I would venture to say that an education is likely to be the best gift you can give yourself if you decide to homeschool your children.

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