Men Own Wives and Wives Have Few Reasons For Divorce?

Men Own Wives and Wives Have Few Reasons For Divorce? December 23, 2017


Noticed this long treatise on what Biblical Gender Roles Larry Solomon had to say about divorce in a piece titled If We Treated Divorce Like Killing. In it Larry throws shade at Desiring God patriarch John Piper, compares murder to divorce, makes some morally squishy statements about paying bride price before claiming men literally own women and that the reasons a woman can officially file for divorce are few, while the man is allowed a much longer list. Wonder if Larry initiated his own divorce, or if his first wife filed first.

It’s a very narrow definition worked out by a guy who is divorced. He questions even what divorce means in this piece.

First, the ownership claims from Larry’s personal interpretation of the Old Testament KJV.


Owner? Oh *expletive deleted* no, no, no, no!!!!

How can marriage be the partnership described in different parts of the Bible if one person owns the other. Not to mention that the USA long ago outlawed ownership of humans back in the 1800s, the very thing that led to the Civil War of the 1860s. Nope. Neither legal or moral. Wives are not slaves and never will be.

Larry5So Larry also thinks these are the only legitimate reasons that a woman leave, not domestic violence, but denial of basic physical needs.

Larry6and this….

Larry7 Finally! The only sensible statement on all of Larry’s website. Too bad he’s only saying this to ‘great physical bodily harm’ instead of escalating violence, economic abuse, marital rape and emotional/verbal abuse. Abuse is abuse and no one should feel obligated to stay in a marriage where you are your spouse’s personal punching bag, literal or metaphorically.

So what reasons may a man divorce his wife and the wife divorce her husband?


Notice how all of Larry’s reasons for men to divorce boil down to one thing, the most important thing in his world – sex.

moreRead more about Larry’s wishful thinking about sex

Christian Values Do Not Create Sexual Harassment Climate

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  • karmacat

    One of the best ways to sexual desire is to tell someone they have to have sex. But Larry is too self-involved to worry about anyone else.

  • SAO

    This screed demonstrates that religion is not the source of values or morals, but cultures change over time and they find support for their morals in the same texts that previous generations found support for a different set of morals. The slave owners of the pre-civil-war era found support in the bible for their ownership and beating of slaves.

    Frankly, Larry does more to convince women to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster than to be his version of Christian. And, of course, you get the impression that the only way he can get a woman to go anywhere near him is by beating them over the head with misinterpreted bible verses.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    Funny how he talks about possible reasons for divorce, looking mostly in the old Testament, while Jesus says there is one and only one justification for divorce, adultery.

  • Saraquill

    I bet cookies that according to Larry’s own standards, his ex was justified in divorcing him.

  • Shan

    You first. =D

  • Shan

    I’m a degenerate? So kind!

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Buh-bye banned boy. Go peddle your conspiracy theory olympic level hate somewhere else, like a neo nazi message board. And thanks for contributing to It was getting dull over there.

  • se habla espol

    Yeah, well, what does Jeeeezus know?

  • AFo

    I think I’m beginning to understand why Larry seems so sexually frustrated. He got married thinking it would be a sex-a-thon, and his wife probably thought she was entering a mutual partnership. There is more to marriage (and life) than smashing your genitals with someone else.

  • Bravo Sierra

    You get married so that you have someone to make the sammiches. You smash your genitals with a third party, preferably someone who is underage. As long as you’re a man (because men have needs) who goes to church every Sunday (or just confesses and asks forgiveness in front of the right people), it’s all part of god’s plan.

  • Iain Lovejoy

    Actually, Jewish custom does (and did) allow a wife to divorce her husband. Technically what happens is that if the wife shows grounds for divorce the court orders the husband to give his wife a divorce certificate (or face steadily escalating fines or indeed beatings) but it amounts to the same thing.
    The grounds for a wife demanding a divorce from her husband under Jewish law include adultery and abuse.
    Also, he is being selective as usual in his Bible quotes. Jesus only deals with a woman divorcing her husband in Mark 10, and does not differentiate between a husband divorcing his wife or wife her husband, denounces both and provides for no exceptions. Where he makes an exception for adultery for divorce in Matthew 5 he does not mention what the situation for the wife is at all, but gives no ground to suppose she is treated any differently.
    Larry is basically making up his own fantasy divorce rules, and passing them off as “Biblical”. Presumably he cheated on his wife and is explaining how God will punish her for divorcing his pathetic behind for doing so.